What if they used Veritas to keep us hooked into the virus creation terror campaign? Of course mine is just another conspiracy theory but they're making the antidote too! It's germ theory on steroids!

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Good for you! Take time off to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. From my own experience, the emotional component is the most challenging. I'm adding you to my prayer list and sending you all the love and good vibes. We'll be here when you come back. ♥

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One thing to keep in mind in the world of duality is that you become what you fight. What is needed is transcendence to a different level, as Einstein so clearly saw: the problem cannot be solved on the level on which it was created, you have to shift higher, so you look down on the problem - no longer one side or the other, but both sides. Only then can solutions occur.

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"Those who do serious truth-questing are punished..." in this life.

Those who reject the Truth Who is Christ are punished forever.

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023

Will this video, disturbing on so many levels, ( Celia, I feel ambivalent, too, about the way in which the information was mined from this guy, and you make great points about both sides of my ambivalence.), be released to the sleepy-minded public via msm? I just doubt that it will, considering whom it is captured by (Big Forma) Celia, I, for one, need your thoughts as "looping" as they may seem in the simulacrum of this matrix. Please do not stop doing you. You are here with us, reporting, and for angelic reasons, I would say. Again, I feel so much more connected to human beings when I read your stream-of-consciousness entries. (I believe if the devil could have a "Judas," this guy would be it. Ugly the way he was entrapped. Sort of. As something leaves me feeling strangely weird about the way his story was extracted from him. And he is needed to wake up the "Briar Rose and the kingdom who were frozen in motion when she went unconscious." Gosh, I really love your writing Celia, and I only became aware of you these past couple of years. Thank you. When I read your entries, some bit of possibility for intimacy with another human being feels imaginable, even restored. So few crumbs of connectedness I have experienced for several years, possibly a decade. Ever since daughter got "Lyme" at age 10, 2013. Strange how God works since because of that heartbreak, I awakened and have remained vigilant ever since. (Please excuse my rambling. No time to make concise. Just thank you.)

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Thank you for sharing all the free flow thoughts!

Interesting about Malachi Martin, a prophet for our times who left us two roman a clef novels, “Vatican” and “Windswept House,” the latter, a jawdropper. A great storyteller and prophet.

It was his “Hostage to the Devil,” about an exorcist (as well as his interviews with Bernard Janzen) that left us with the idea of an exorcist hobbled deeply by the intensity of his work. The chief exorcist of Rome, Gabriel Amorth, might have experienced that, but it was not reflected in any of his books. A priest we knew stated that with the proper amount of serious fasting and prayer (for many days), along with a proper back up prayer team that was committed to serious fasting and real prayer, plus the priest’s rigid obedience to the structure of the procedure, created the best scenario for effective results. It is not easy, and in some cases not quick, but the priest must remain focused and dispassionate. With great respect to Fr Malachi Martin and the amazing body of work he left behind, I do wonder about his conclusion re the exorcist. If God set aside particular priests for this task, then will He not protect them? Yes, staring into the maw of pure evil is obviously daunting and deeply disturbing - and will surely leave its mark - but a well-trained priest with the anointed charism of his vocation, plus the protection of the Holy Spirit, should be equal to the task. Jesus and His apostles cast out demons; surely God’s priests can do so and remain unbroken.

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023

"James O’Keefe has advanced verification standards" I don't buy it.

I don't find the Veritas' piece remotely compelling. The virus as a bioweapon story is simply not credible since the entire COVID-19 response has been about killing people, not saving lives or healing people. Furthermore, the alleged novel coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) — the flu relabeled — had a higher survival rate (99.8%) than the flu.

Project Veritas' job is to prop up the Trump/MAGA side of Uniparty to perpetuate the current regime of criminal rule in America. Their stories are announced with such fanfare and sensation, but generally they report what most people in independent media circles already know.

The current Project Veritas' Pfizer piece is about introducing confusion into the narrative. Instead of the issue being the obvious planned genocide that it is, now new elements are introduced, the intent of which is to cause confusion, then refashion the narrative to the vaccine as a response to a "virus" bioweapon that just somehow went awry. That then opens the door to legitimizing the "vaccine" response, particularly if China can somehow be blamed, and then allows the "virus" to take the blame for many deaths and the vaccine genocide as an authentic effort to help people but rolled out too quickly.

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“And I will write stories about people—people I meet today and people I met before who live in my memory.” I look forward to this Celia. I imagine this in itself will be very healing. From what I have read from you, I sense you are a fierce compassionate gentle giant who deeply cares about the human spirit. I smiled when you said you will not betray to get your source to reveal. I think this is a big part of your essence which is what draws me to you and your work. I’m also grateful for people like O’Keefe. I’ve been making some changes also and it is helping to heal my broken spirit over the atrocities which have been playing out. Although I want to be informed about what is happening in the world, it has taken its toll. I’m slowly stepping away to find the balance I used to have. The grief is heavy, so I have started with a practice every day - upon rising before anything, I spend an hour filling up my soul. Sometimes I sit in stillness with my cup of tea or coffee listening to my wind chimes and birds or I read or listen to something beautifully inspiring. I also do the same 1 hour before bed ~ ending the day this way is helping to restore the lightness I once felt. Here are two sources below which I am comforted and inspired by. Thank you Celia for your beautiful essence. Well wishes on your health journey.



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What a brave, honest and beautifully written report:

“We are all children caught in a very ugly divorce between Truth and Lies.”

You integrate the CPTSD story seamlessly -- and without vanity -- into the wider, public arena. And I say that as a reader who’s been following your original, thoughtful reporting for years, so I can also say you’ve upheld these high standards the whole time.

Your work in fact helps me heal my own CPTSD (a 7-year-old’s mother suddenly gone forever with minimal explanation, never spoken of again etc), to be frank. That means your writing, even the most singular, intimate emotions in the stories aren’t always unique only to you after all, since I can “fact-check” the crazy traumatic experience we’re in by verifying it my own psyche.

Thank you so much.

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Dear Celia, apologies for not knowing about your pre AIDS dissident career and big scoop interview with OJ. I shared a Miles Mathis piece with you a few weeks ago on the supposed JFK assassination & coincidentally I read his OJ Simpson piece just last week. It’s another mind blower & incredibly compelling. Over the past year I have come to the same conclusion as John Lennon’s lyric in Strawberry Fields that “nothing is real”. Miles Mathis also wrote a mind blower about Lennon laying out another very compelling case that his assassination was also faked. Here’s the OJ one for now which I think you’ll find very interesting. I’d love to know your thoughts on it http://mileswmathis.com/oj.pdf

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Celia - So kind of you to share your personal journey. Thank you. And the healing tips are important right now. Thanks. -

The whole PV things smelled off from the get-go and some digging was called for:

* Erik Prince's Blackwater group trains PV "journalists" in espionage techniques, ie "honeypot," which this appeared to be.

* * Lawsuit filed in Aug 2022 by Moderna against Pfizer for copyright infringement. Implications are - of course - that a ruling in Moderna's favor could destroy Pfizer - or that Moderna could absorb Pfizer.

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 27, 2023

Celia, welcome to planet earth, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and possibly 2024. (Note: 2024 may be in doubt at least configured the way it's currently behaving.) Crazy people people are administering the swamp. You seem to have captured where I'm at, but I can't put my finger exactly where that is. Somewhere between the old and new testament, Sage Hanna theme park, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. land and almost everything I thought I knew about the United States of America is mostly a fabrication.

I should probably pray more, because most everything else has the clause, results may vary.

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Wow! What an article!! I felt everything you were saying. Good to have your thoughts as always. Will look forward to hearing your new articles next week as I need a detox bad. Not been feeling good since the shingles. Going on week 6. Something’s gotta give. Hope your detox info can help!! Thank you for your heartfelt writing!!

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The remedy to the malaise of the knowledgeable is an understanding that we are living in an elaborate faux spy vs spy drama. 90% of what we are witnessing is engineered for the purpose of creating an effect and a mentality that the power structure has deemed necessary to achieve their desired outcome.

White hats, black hats...Whatever. It's all out of our control so you might as well lean back and enjoy the show and hope for the best.

All one has to remember is that there is a syndicate behind the Trump unit that is manipulating most of what has happened and what continues to happen. This syndicate has ALL the "intelligence" and ALL the tools (weapons).

The second thing that one should keep in mind is that coercion and blackmail are the most potent currencies in the halls of power - All facets.

Bottom line: Prepare, become as self-sufficient as possible and wait for the syndicate to reach its 80-percentile mark.

Good Luck!

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"A shadow forms. Friends wonder what happened to you. You rarely smile, you’re 'too serious,' and you can’t seem to stop."

Reminds of this:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." (Ps 23:4)

Anyone who will take up his or her own personal cross, and enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way will will recognize this verse, experientially.

The verse is about the NARROW WAY that Jesus commanded all of us to walk, if we wanted to see the kingdom of heaven.

Sadly, the modern "salvation" doctrines are not true, but Jesus and Peter warned us specifically this would happen.

For a most-helpful guide to the narrow way and true, authentic salvation, freely-download the PDF here:


I didn't write it. It has helped others. Just passing it along.

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It's OK to go away, but not forever!

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