Open letter to Robert Kennedy, entering candidate for president,

At last, I see a leader who stands up for the wee things, the tadpoles and the fish and the birds and the soil microbes, and the salt of the earth people, a leader who understands 'climate change' belongs to Monsanto, big Pharma, Corporatism, and weather manipulation, and bankers' wars. It is not. I repeat not, excess Co2. Their ruse to create the problem that they then 'solve' is abominable. Robert you get this, and moreover you know these enemies of Nature, and care at the core of your being. Somehow, you have spent enough of your life in Nature's arms to love her unconditionally. I see you.

If there is one way to heal the divide, it is to bring our focus to bear on what we all agree on. Clean water, soil, air and food. There is not a woman in America who wants to give her child polluted water, so there should be a workforce of people cleaning our water. There is not a Mother in America who wants to poison her child with toxic food, and so there should be a million farm increase of small permaculture farms. There is not a Mother anywhere on earth who would put her child willingly within toxic air, polluted and filled with harm, so there should be a million strong working to stop the disgusting practices we see overhead, including the harmful invisible weapons of cell towers and 5g. There is not a Father in America who wishes to leave to fight a war to enrich pedophilic masters. There is not a Father who wishes to be wage-slaved to the banking elites with their creation of child trafficking rings serving perversion and control by blackmail and destruction of God's family of humanity. There is not a Father in America who wishes for autism on his child. There is not a young child, youth or adult in America who doesn't need your leadership. If we are to have a future, if we are to have health, Nature is our source. Of all the political candidates, I know you get it. I am thankful beyond words for your decision to step forward. However, I will not relax and simply watch you work on my behalf.

I will work alongside you. I ask each of us to do the same. Each of you, by now, should plainly see, the risk of obedience to an elite few; their greed is insatiable, their methods immoral, dishonest and criminal. We the People must solve the problems they create and not accept their "solutions". We can no longer go along to get along with the powers that thieve, and ourselves thrive, let alone survive. I believe the only safe place for our monetary methods to be handled is in the collective hands of We the People. We cannot do the work of healing the divide and leave the rules of money in the hands of those who use it to control us for their spiritually impoverished hellish authority. We cannot trust elections, the press or the elected. We do not have justice, we have protected elites. We do not have equality, we STILL have the good ole boys network, even locally. The very role of politics, in the eyes of the elite, I believe is to weaken the people, to divide them, and make them vulnerable. Thus the remedy to restore economic environmental sanity is a collective enterprise vehicle to turn our future away from death's cliff and towards safety. A lawful design for restructuring our monetary methods away from elite control, and thus driving our honorable economy according to our humble and pure needs is posted on ewegrow.com. Robert, I believe it will aid the great healing that needs to happen for the sake of our children, our planet and ourselves. I hope you see this letter and find the economic plan posted there to be helpful for your leadership.

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Dennis Kucinich RFK Speech:

Peace Makes a Comeback with Anti-War Candidate RFK-

With Recollections of Kucinich,

By Laurie Dobson

April 14, 2023

The endorsement speech by Dennis Kucinich on RFK’s Presidential announcement at the Boston Park Plaza, (near the statue of Paul Revere in Boston Common), on April 19, 2023, was exceptional and revealing. He spoke powerfully and with earnest conviction about his friend and political ally, to the ballroom filled with thrilled supporters.

Not only is Bobby Kennedy, Jr. at his prime, at the full height of his power, experience, and ability -- his friend, and fellow Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, who introduced him to the podium of a packed ballroom, has also reached full political maturity. His wife, my friend, the dynamic Elizabeth Kucinich, was by his side, as a member of “Team Kennedy.”

During his run, twice, for President, Kucinich became the favored anti-war candidate of the left. I endorsed his admirable “Department of Peace” platform in my bid for the U.S. Senate, as a Maine Independent, in 2008. (He likewise supported my campaign, as did Daniel Ellsberg, during an event with beloved activist Granny D in New Hampshire).

After he had lost his Presidential bid in a rigged NH primary, Dennis agreed to speak at the “big tent” anti-war “No, You Can’t! Rally,” held on Dec. 9, 2009, in Lafayette Park, D.C., organized by End US Wars, which I moderated, with help from many organizations, including Greens and Libertarians.

He was onstage with four other Presidential contenders: Ralph Nadar, Cynthia McKinney, and Mike Gravel, joined together to denounce Obama’s continuation of perpetual war with his Thanksgiving announcement to send 30,000 more troops, to escalate the Afghanistan conflict.

Thirty other anti-war groups were speakers at this significant rally, which we held to defy the Democratic Party’s perpetuation of the Republican Neo-Con war.

Earlier, on August 28, 2007, I was witness to a compassionate act by Dennis, when he stopped during a march with 4,000 people, to Walker’s Point, in Kennebunkport, to protest then President Bush, (who had hosted and fished with Putin, during their “Lobster Summit”).

Dennis lent his car in aid to a cameraman, injured while trying to stay with the crowd, which was massing near the blockade of the President’s compound. I had marched with him, as he held the banner with other anti-war leaders. There was the potential of a street confrontation, and threats of violence, which he de-escalated peacefully.

Ralph Nadar was also actively protesting and stood with me in front of Walker’s Point to denounce Bush, on video, and call for an indictment of him and Cheney for war crimes.

It was a time of deep unrest and protest marches, rallies-- and encampments (such as Camp Alex, at my home in the ‘Port), were held to pressure Republicans to stop the war policies.

The veiled threat by Vice President Cheney, of an upcoming war with Iran brought several activists together at our encampment to sign their declared opposition. We were hopeful of change.

The Democrats didn’t stop the wars, once they attained office, so we kept up our fight. Obama was pressured, again, in Martha’s Vineyard, in 2010, when I helped to organize another anti-war protest called “No Vacation for Body Bags.” It was clear that Obama was on track to continue and increase the wars on foreign soil. He took us from three wars to seven, during his Democratic Presidency, a defeat for the Peace movement. Naomi Wolf, Cindy Sheehan and others joined us to confront his continuation of Bush’s war policy.

Fast forward to today, where Dennis Kucinich, faithful to his efforts on behalf of peace, has endorsed the anti-war platform of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I was present in the ballroom, surrounded by notable leaders in the anti-war and anti-tyranny camps, and saw the electrifying effect of hearing Kucinich again call for an end to the policies which have led the country so badly astray.

Not only is this a deja-vu moment for the world, with a Kennedy running for President on a pro-peace and unifying platform, this is a long awaited wake-up call for all the disaffected anti-war protestors.

We have been shattered by the destruction of any opposition Party, even to the dreadful contemplation of support for a Trump campaign, just to be able to hear the corporate takeover of the country be decried by a Presidential contender.

However, Trump, as RFK pointed out, did not drain the swamp—he WAS the swamp. He was responsible for the lockdowns and the warp speed rush to enrich big Pharma. Kennedy is directly addressing the problem and the needed solutions- he is the one candidate who could unify and heal the divide.

As a friend, Ginger, recently said: this may be the moment when the (past) Republican exposes the corruption of the corporatocracy, and the (next) Democrat works to remove it. Dare we hope when it seems too far gone? RFK himself said, at the beginning of his speech, that we seem to be living in a dystopian world. Is this far-fetched? Are we beyond hope?

My response to all the demoralized activists is that if RFD can dare to run, and Dennis can put himself on the line for him, we can dare to help this campaign for healing. The time for fear is over. The time for division is passed. We can and must support this Presidential bid.

What better recourse is there?

Who else is there that dares risk this much? He is not buying votes by calling for reparations. He did not pander to anyone. He called for truth-telling and enforcement of laws against those who have taken over the agencies which he called out by name.

I trust Dennis Kuninch. He should be Vice President, and it looks possible. Neither he nor Bobby is treading on safe ground, but they have secure footing in the nobility and honor of their quest. Their place in the annals of history would be assured, alongside other immortal and heroic figures such as Revere, who warned that the danger was upon us, and took personal risk.

I looked at the statue of Paul Revere in the Park, in the glorious unfolding of the spring buds, and marveled at the moment we are in and the history unfolding before my eyes. It’s time, finally. The ancestors are calling us to fight for our country.

Bobby, talking about running for President, when he was younger, said that it (assassination) is an “occupational hazard,” when he was younger. Yesterday, older and wiser, he told us that he is not running to keep himself safe: he is running to keep US safe. Those words of encouragement will be enough to raise his banner high. Let’s not fail him: he is the choice of our times. He’s my choice, and I am glad to stay with the Party of the People, if they can choose to do right this time.

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Apr 20, 2023Liked by Celia Farber

Its difficult to disappoint a cynic and I've become allergic to hope.

So when I feel anything like it I...

I wonder how the deep state will react to this. How will the people who installed Biden react to this incredible brave man?

I plan to vote for him.

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I love this! And I'm going to try to get myself a yard sign printed: "I'm a Kennedy ex-Republican". :)

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Normally, I’d object to any Kennedy or Gabbard or Sinema sort of Democrat. They’re all still liberal. But the Democratic Party has lurched so far to the left, so far into crazy-town territory that these garden variety liberals look unthreatening by comparison. That’s how far the Left has moved the Overton Window. I’ll still vote for the Republican, but perhaps it’s worth trying to vote in the Democratic primary to push somebody like RFK ahead and avoid the possibility of a seriously incompetent/crazy Democrat.


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Kennedy is a problem for Dems. Especially if he’s willing to swing independent.

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I watched the two and a half hour Kennedy video. A lot of great resonant moments. No wonky wokery present and a lot of good humanitarian caring common sense talk. Mentions of shattering the big corporate-government collusion and corruption were welcome. Great stuff. That is until 1.44 minutes into the video: "We're in the Ukraine for all the right reasons ..." GULP! What!? You're joking, right?! The harmony came to a screeching halt. That's a lie! That's clearly not true!

Aspiring conniving 'New World Order' Western powers are in Ukraine for ugly malevolent Deep State reasons. They. Are. Censoring. The. Truth. AGAIN. They're lying to us - and he's not realised that?! OMG!

Moving on, wounded by that gaping craterous statement, his overall speech was promising and the return to the values of the wholesome Kennedy and Martin Luther King era of the 1960's was a warm radiant rallying call.

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Apr 20, 2023Liked by Celia Farber

The hotel wouldn’t even give you a late check out?! :-)

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Kennedy Democrat Is a great slogan. It will attract many Dems, independents and Republicans.

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Years ago, RFK Jr. said that those who disagree with his stance on the global warming/climate change hoax should be treated as war criminals and locked up:

Crackpot RFK Jr.: Jail Energy CEO’s in Hague For TREASON – Punish Climate Deniers (Video)


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I spoke briefly with RFKJR after our photo to tell him he also has gained some Kennedy Republicans and Kennedy Independents. He smiled.

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But the issues are the same. It’s not entirely different at all. Corrupt cartels have been running our government, polluting the environment for years. I was 15 when JFK was murdered and 20 when RFK was murdered. We had unnecessary war, DDT, agent Orange, geoengineering, pharmaceutical cartels, drug cartels, etc. This has been going on for a very long time. The corrupt ABC agencies have been with us for quite sometime and the Kennedys wanted to drain the swamp back then. That’s why the CIA made sure they didn’t have a chance to do that. The media was also censoring back then as well. None of this is new. Maybe we are more aware and maybe some of it has escalated because of tech but the corruption is definitely not new and the issue of divisiveness is not new either.

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I am an Human being and I’M A KENNEDY DEMOCRAT !

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I love the gift and healing of who you are and what you do. Once again and always, thank you.

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“Nice try!” - one of the best moments and certainly his biggest smile.

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If RFK Jr won as a Democrat he would be shackled to the Shiffheads - Shumer, Swalwell and Schiff himself. Tying to get things done, circumvent the many vested interests, Impossible. I'll be delighted if he gets the nomination and not displeased if he wins. But I think the GOP, however weak and compromised, would form a better team. The would not tolerate Hunter Biden, Alvin Bragg, BLM etc.

Short take: the Democrat party is a very uncomfortable place for a person of character and integrity.. See Tulsi Gabbard.

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