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Celia, this is brilliant, truly. We mingle with the devil, but do not permit any windows or doors open to its evil. M. Scott Peck wrote about this is in “People of the Lie.” Evil wants attention. The scripted & coordinated media do throw fuel on the fires of hell. What the masses need to do is what you are doing in Spain: live, laugh & love.


Throw out television.

Thank you.

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Hate breeds hate and yet, because it is dysfunctional, steers us magically, sometimes horribly, but inexorably somehow, back towards love. The Antichrist must serve Christ in the end.

Love begets love and yet keeps steering us towards love. But it's hard learning this. Ego clings to fear as if its life depends on it.

That which is sick will either recover towards health, or perish. We do not choose how long we live or when we die. It is thus our honour and privilege to respond with love and loving free will to our fate. This is a VERY hard lesson to learn, and we do need support from friends and family, but each of us can do it if we so choose. Look at what you are accomplishing, Celia, despite the horrors you have processed! Your trip to Spain has taken you out of the madhouse and into the fresh air of human beings, ones who haven't forgotten how to live lovingly. More of that to all of us, and more of that FROM each of us to everyone around us.

"Let all that is not rooted in truth and love wither and fall away."

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This is what I keep telling people. Moses encountered this with the Israelites. They wanted to go back to Egypt to be slaves because at least they would have meat. This was after they witnessed God part the Red Sea. Then when Moses was conversing with God for 40 days (way too long for the Israelites to stand to be strong on their own) the Israelites groaned to Aaron to make them an idol to worship & so as to calm them down he did so. Then there’s Caleb & Joshua - the only ones out of 10 (I think - maybe 12 but I think 10 ) who told the truth about the Canaanites because the others lacked courage. I’m reminded that we’re no different than the Israelites. The good news is God knows that. I believe He meets us & can use the 20% (perhaps way fewer) that show up with hope & courage to get the job done.

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Reading your thoughts and prayers led me to share this masterpiece by the man they call Van.

And I’ll be praying to my higher self

Don’t let me down

Keep my feet on the ground


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Celia, you expressed my own sense of things so beautifully. Resistance can be just as deadly as compliance when it comes from cynicism, anger and fear. Danse Encore, laugh once more. I’m so happy you are doing just that!

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I base my hope on evidence :) e.g. this substack, Ed Dowd's commentary/interviews, the many and wonderful commenters here at The Truth Barrier, the composers and singers of the January convoy in Canada, and the subsequent rally at the U.S. Capitol ("Just Drive," "Welcome to the Revolution," "We Will Not Comply," etc.) ...the natural world, and the whole parade through the eyes of a child; I was one once! Many thanks, much love.

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Here is a poem of encouragement and hope by an author I know who also loves Robert Frost. She has been through these dark times herself. Hope you like this:

Lord. Lead me.

Alone, upon a faithless road

I walk with thoughts that will not flee.

Among those thoughts, a pardoned load,

from past misconducts, now set free.

I thank You, Lord, for freeing me,

but Jesus, let the road stay straight,

lest twisted forks confuse my mind,

propelling me to evil's gate;

where I'll be lost and misaligned

from You who beckons me to wait,

until my vision sees beyond

the forks which lead my soul astray.

I pray for power to respond!

O Lord, I grasp Your hand in need

of wisdom o'er the devil's creed.

My heart, O Lord, he makes it bleed,

with darkest blood, my soul does plead,

for courage o'er Your enemy.

I thank You, Lord, for hearing me

when all seemed lost...


Dawn of Tomorrow - Author.

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These two birds of the feather have a third one as well: we can take those last four lines of Frost inside our heart, as a softly illuminating flash light, right there in the darkest part of our hearts, so deep it is, it reaches right down into the pits of our stomachs. There, this is where the light wants to shine, wants us to stay with the trouble, the trouble of being calm, still, and waiting for our own bodies to tell us the thing we most need to hear right now. It works for us every time we allow it, illuminating the very next and most necessary step. Who needs to know more than one step at a time? Anyone who thinks s/he does, it already running too fast. We need calm, slow, deliberate stepping. Steps coming so slowly they invite calm, empathic, open, welcoming, loving tenderness and open hearts and souls, open minds and spirits, taking a slow approach to the step so we do not misstep. Misstep-ping got us here. It will only get us deeper into the darkness, which isn't as bad as it initially feels, once we get inside, wait for the body to speak, mysteriously, strange voice, unusual language; take heart, every one of us has this artist attempting to become borne again inside itself, birthing a whole new life. Any time we are patient enough to accept it, surrender to its guidance, trust it to be our guide. It is already there, inside that dark pit of the bottom of the heart, which is also the bottom of the tummy. Say hello, quietly, calmly, lovingly. Feel the welcome. Relax into it. Luxuriate inside it. It loves everyone of us. No matter how dark. No matter how turbulent our lives. The love is here. Awaiting our acceptance. Our surrender to it. Namaste'

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"And the light shineth in darkness: and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1: 5 (KJV)

Darkness has no comprehension. It eventually devours itself. All within its time.

The stars we look for now now may not be dawn yet, but they will return every night to herald the Day Star's coming. And the end of night again, which comprehends nothing of its finality.

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let's go out there

and see what's beyond the line

where the light fingers at the darkness

there's a wind blowing up something

out there

a creation of beauty

a simple stroke of the brush

and we're gone

-- Unpublished, untitled poem by a gentleman who goes by the name Beautiful Rust on YouTube

Read out loud by Beautiful Rust, here:

A drive to Sugar Grove, WV


Sugar Grove, WV is located in the NRQZ, known colloquially as The Zone...


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I needed to read this today. Thank you.

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THANK YOU. That piece is beautiful. I sense how much Spain has inspired you and it’s so true that where a place which has it’s deep roots with a culture based in faith, family and love nothing can ever destroy it. It is farcical their idea to think they could take over and control everyone on this beautiful planet and their hypocrisy is highlighted more and more and becoming laughable. What was it 1500 private jets flew into Davos and they are worried about carbon footprint? No they are not above the law and cannot have one rule for them and another for us. So happy you are happy! That’s what sharing your joy does or anyone’s and I can always laugh at the absurd thank God. I love you, I am with you, let’s run the clock….

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You’ve grown quiet. I hope you’re well. I miss your posts.

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No idea why I am unsubscribed from your list? Is there any reason why you cannot re-subscribe me?

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No idea why I am unsubscribed from your list? Is there any reason why you cannot re-subscribe me?

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