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What strikes me here is that the people involved in these "divisions" (real or not) have been those who emerged as anti-globalist/COVID/jab warriors in the public arena only from 2020 on. The "long-haulers" in the HIV-COVID-vaccine battles (like yourself) remain focused on the real goal. Whether this personal observation has anything to do with anything--I have no idea.

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A couple of hours ago I listened to the 40-minute-odd Füllmich gave in German to a Swiss TV station, Bittel. Previously I had listened to Viviane's accusations. I am as fluent in German and English as Reiner is. In the past both have sent me personal emails. Füllmich's explanations are coherent and convincing. Viviane has a long history of being chaotic. I fear, Celia, you have here been opinionated. The board of their party, Die Basis, has demanded Viviane's resignation.

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Thank you for breaking this story, Celia, as I have been trying to get to the bottom of this ever since Reiner was silently evicted from the committee.

If this tarnishes the heroic work of the CIC, it would be absolutely devastating as what they have amassed is of historic importance.

I had the honor of being interviewed by them in July (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-mostly-peaceful-depopulation). While I cannot speak to the allegations, my gut instinct based on my interactions with them is that Reiner has been wrongfully accused.

Reiner was highly engaged, inquisitive, and carefully taking notes during our interview. Viviane was so preoccupied and outright rude that a commenter at one post of the video joked about trying to figure out why she hated me and suggested it was my hat 😹 I tried not to take it personally because her behavior made no sense, and yet it was odd that she was nice to the other guests both before and after.

While I was writing this comment, I think I figured it out! At the beginning of my presentation, I thanked the committee for their work and specifically praised a speech Reiner gave to a London protest. I think it must have been my praise of Reiner that pissed Viviane off and caused her to behave that way!

Wolfgang was a gentleman and seems level-headed. I would be curious to get his take. I do hope this can be resolved peaceably as too much is at stake.

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Please note, what I write here can be assessed only by those who have first listened to her and then afterwards to him.

Regarding Fuellmich: I never idealized him. So I am not easy to disappoint.

Also, when there are large sums of money sitting around, why not make them work.

An additional advantage to a hardworking and inventive team member (not any team member but an especially proactive and important one), does not per se hurt a less inventive team member who does not have the imagination and initiative to do that. Also, even this is not what happened - as she too made some portion of the money work for herself. And he stresses, both behaviours were done legally correct.

Regarding Viviane:

His characterization of her as the eternal girlie who switches roles back and forth between child and competent economist as suits her purposes is perfectly corroborated by her very vague insinuations in her accusatory video. It is very damaging but also with no concrete substance if you pay attention. Lots of flowery speech but leaves much to the imagination and as he correctly says, seems to invite for a fishing expedition.

I found her contributions to the sessions, and style, always a bit rambling and not well articulated.

One thing about her, she has been wearing the same 1990s girlie hairdo plus the identical cut girls blouse in each session for over two years. Beyond the aesthetic aspect (people are entitled to dress as they please, I normally don't mind), it made me wonder all the time. (Didn't make me expect anything of what has happened now, of course.) Just had displeased me in a vague way. And how he now characterizes her, seems spot on and complements the picture.

To sum up my reaction:

I am not saying he is a saint. But I don't expect him to be! I am certain that he has done much more about coordinating 'lawfare' against state overreach in various countries than she has nor would be able to, from my observation of her and his (perceived) potential.

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I am not taking sides because don’t know either of them and I have no way of knowing the facts. In the back of my mind I don’t trust anyone but, unless I have some sort of more solid knowledge, I never dismiss anyone who is performing good works. Although I know there is such a thing as controlled oppositions, knowing if someone is controlled or not is exceedingly difficult to ascertain with any certainty. In these difficult times we must be guided by spirit of unity or we will soon be find ourselves divided, Balkanized and atomized into utter ineffectiveness.

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Maybe I am a child, because I do expect a Nuremberg 2.0.

But then again, (infiltrating demons aside) maybe that’s what makes America so great, we all come here with childlike wonder that anything is possible, and underdogs actually can win…

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I’ve only just learned about this and only know what I’ve read from you Celia. Just a couple of points. First this is a European investigation. Reiner has stated again and again how totally corrupt the courts are there. Makes success all the more fleeing. And by drawing up a strategy that would lead to some romantic notion of a tribunal seems like a recipe for failure. And in the grassroots situation like they were in, discord is inevitable when you’re chasing after a well oiled machine funded by narcissistic billionaires who have been plotting for ages.

So I must turn to the glass half full consideration. The work that this committee has done is invaluable in the overall scheme of things. It’s brought in hundreds of hours of testimony and millions of us who represent the injured public got a chance to be part of a make shift grand jury. In those hearings so much information and horror stories have been revealed providing us all with a much clearer picture of the elite cabal’s MO. I feel we are just getting started.

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A sad day. The "court" was never more than a historical repository of evidence and testimony and still is regardless. I for one value everything I heard and saw.

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Sounds like another distract with a media f show again.

Who cares about this drama there is no virus and no covid19.

The facts and the science cannot be and should not be covered up by emotional showmanship/ conflict.

I have no idea yet what she accuses the lawyer of but he is no hero to me as he submitted testimony that there was a coronavirus that causes a new disease "covid19" in his documents to the court = IE spread a controlled opposition narrative .

Please stop looking to the media for truth and hero's .

My advise stop believing non sequiturs, lies, or getting sucked into the media dramas/ distractions and without your belief, attention and participation in it their narrative will weaken.

Just the facts: There are no coronaviruses, no viruses and no covid19.

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Just shared with an ally , and my friend said: "Someone's gotten to her[Viviane]" re the article link-- what bothers me is the tone and inference in the line about the Nuremburg Trial 2.0 never materializing. This trial potential is not a slam-dunk event, when/if it can occur. We are at the cusp of many revelations that appear to be materializing...and nothing is going to happen overnight.

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Here we are again with personality splits and accusations that tear apart our combined energies, momentum and genuine unified progress against these world-wide atrocities. This is so redundantly familiar and agonizing as we have to sort though it all, and yet it has to play out as it seems to separate the wheat from the chaff. The key thing here is FORGET the personalities and STICK with the ultimate goal. We are winning!

Regardless of Reiner's ability or failure to provide the magic "silver bullet" there are a MASSIVE number of other efforts now taking shape and effect. What Fuellmich was attempting is only ONE of now many other efforts. Let's keep this going! This is a direct attack on the CDC.

Check this out:: https://standforhealthfreedom.com/

I am reluctant to sign petitions and get involved in many of these organized legal efforts, but I think this one is on the right track. We need more of of what we see here.

I have been on a summoned grand jury before, and most of them are just pretrial showcases, floating trial balloons to gauge public opinion and/or avoid lengthy court trials. But the concept of We the People having authority to force prosecution, (when the legal system fails) is growing through a number of empowering coalitions.

This pertains the US, but is part of a much bigger international force. We need to keep going!

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I listened to Reiner's explanation in German. I am a lawyer. As a treasurer of a non-profit organization, I know that it is not enough that someone in the organization knows that you are spending its money, but the board has to approve it and that decision has to be put in writing. So, I find neither Reiner question, nor his answer: "Did she know it? Of course, she did" convincing.

I also know that money gets taken if it can be taken. No one has enough money, and everyone gets into financial problems. It seems that in this organization several people had access to their funds.

Second, why is important that Vivienne's office is not equipped for electronic filing of legal documents with courts, when as far as I know, no such filing has been done? Reiner said that courts were corrupt, but he could have made several attempts to file pleadings.

Third, it does not look good that Reiner calls Vivienne a chaotic girl with a curl and puffy sleeves and a lawyer without a law office.

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By their fruits you shall know them. Füllmich flaps his wings, causes excitement for the willfully intelligent masses. However, in the end - it’s been over 2 years - he has accomplished nothing of substance. That said, who has?

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I've spent countless hours watching Reiner Fuellmich and many of his interviews with experts in multiple fields via the Corona Investigative committee during the last two years. Reiner strikes me as a man of integrity. He comes across as sincere, genuine and likeable. However, I've always been sceptical about the path he's taken regarding justice for the Covid scam - and Nuremberg 2. It always seemed too good to be true, too fantastical. A long shot - and a long drawn out process to bury us all?

I fear that it's been a 'false hope horizon' for anyone seeking truth and justice. Has the 'Freedom Movement' been carried for a ride? Was it just a way to distract us all, drain us of energy - and ultimately something to be ambushed and scuppered by the Deep State? It seems so. Hope I'm wrong.

I was very unimpressed with how Fischer, Fuellmich and Wodarg dealt with the virus / no virus question, which made them look like establishment or narrative gate-keepers. Then I noted that Fuellmich apparently has links to the Open Society, which raised more questions and deep suspicions.

I've become increasingly suspicious of many of the prominent 'players' in the 'Truth Movement' - such as Malone, Desmet and Fuellmich - but I remain open-minded in the fog of war. Recently there was the Poornima Wagh story, which went sideways. I note how others seem quick to embrace the likes of Malone and Desmet, yet I remain suspicious and unconvinced. It seems that we're being carved up by these distractions. Hope I'm wrong.

Meanwhile, the totalitarian juggernaut drives on relentlessly. The Machine is making mince-meat of us all. Many of us are being isolated and exiled.

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I liked Reiner Fuellmich. I let things slide regarding his understanding of SARS-CoV-2 and viruses since he isn’t a virologist (like Stefan Lanka) or a research psychiatrist (like Andrew Kaufman) or even a rebel doctor (like Tom Cowan). He was doing what he could on the level he could understand. I was grateful for that… for a while.

I watched the “interview”-discussion the three of them did (including Wolfgang Wodarg) with Andrew Kaufman and Stefan Lanka (whose connection conveniently-for-them disconnected for most of the session), and my appreciation for the committee pretty much disintegrated. They were rude. They couldn’t understand common sense things that even I, as a curious peasant, could understand. They didn’t listen or appear to even try to understand. It was painful to watch and hear.

I have very limited internet access other than e-mail and reading articles (not enough data to watch anything here at home unless I go sit somewhere, like a library) so now rarely watch anything online and I knew nothing of this issue until just now. I have no information other than what I just read here. But what I can say is that I did not get a good feel about that woman, and if she treats Reiner now like she treated Andrew Kaufman in the interview, it won’t be pretty.

I would also add that with my cynicism and skepticism in general, I don’t doubt much of anything when it comes to corruption, abuse, deceit, etc. I have experienced and seen too much.

So, while I hope Reiner is innocent of this accusation, I will wait and see.

My son recently put me onto a situation in Florida where a man has been accused of murder, yet all the ample evidence points to his innocence. A journalist wrote an extensive article about the situation, showing from multiple sources and angles how he is innocent, yet the injustice system has condemned him to death. What I realized in my reading and feeling from his perspective is how difficult it would be for me in that situation to know that my name was being smeared. That what people would forever think about me after I died was false. My reputation would be ruined. That is a heavy burden to bear.

In regard to Reiner, the accusation already smears his name, even if it is false. Sad, but true. Now people, like me, will hesitate to mention him, recommend anything about him…. Making a false allegation/accusation is very, very low. I would like to think people wouldn’t do it, but unfortunately, they do, and people’s names, reputations, families, and more, are irreparably hurt.

If Reiner is innocent, I hope and pray his name will be cleared and that the accuser will receive the punishment for the crime she accused him of (as per biblical standards). If Reiner is guilty… let the punishment fit the crime.

One thing that has been bothering me for quite some time is that instead of trying to find the truth in court, it is a “game” of wits, half-truths, and suppression. All sides should be looking for the TRUTH of what happened, who is guilty, what they would want for a just punishment if that person would be released in their neighborhood or if it was them or their family who had been harmed by the guilty party. I DON’T GET lawyers who will try to get guilty people off on a technicality, knowing they murdered or raped or robbed or _______ someone. What if that had been done to their parents or wife/husband or child? Would they want someone else subverting justice at their expense? Makes me so mad…

Money and wealth can be very tempting. When donations are flowing in and there is plenty and more than enough to cover expenses…

I have also heard of women making accusations against men because the man wasn’t giving them the kind of attention they wished for. Who knows…?

I guess we will have to wait and see how this shakes out, but sadly, sometimes the truth DOESN’T come out. At least not in our lifetimes. I hope it does.

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Not surprised. Viviane Fischer can go to hell.

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