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To Julian:

Now all the truth is out,

Be secret and take defeat

From any brazen throat,

For how can you compete,

Being honor bred, with one

Who were it proved he lies

Were neither shamed in his own

Nor in his neighbors' eyes;

Bred to a harder thing

Than Triumph, turn away

And like a laughing string

Whereon mad fingers play

Amid a place of stone,

Be secret and exult,

Because of all things known

That is most difficult.

—William Butler Yeats

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my chum is making Assange's cake (he also made his wedding cake) for the birthday celebration around Belmarsh on dec 11th

I think you are absolutely right. .


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I BLINK and another PSYOP pops up. The enemy and their minions are busy spinning webs of deceit.

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Well done, Celia. Unfortunately, there won't be much left of him.

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I fear you are right, Celia. But I hope against hope that Assange has been able to shelter some part of himself, some shred of intact soul that can, perhaps, call forth the rest of him -- his mind included.

I also wonder: might the Sugarplum Gatekeepers be dancing the "free press" pas de deux as a preemptive "let's be charitable to journalists" play, in anticipation of the potential lynch-mob audiences that will come after them now that their Narrative Nut is cracking?

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Oh, Celia, your reading on this sounds exactly right. Very well put. I have been following this story for some years now. It is deeply heartbreaking, and utterly inspiring.I had not let myself think the worst for Assange's condition, and I feel sure you have called it in this regard.

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Tis cause Russia won the war

Time for a distraction

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This reminds me of a certain theory I have about what was done behind closed doors to "Chelsea" Manning, pour encourager les autres.

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Yup. Psy-Op. They never said a word when people were lobbying Trump like crazy to do it. Their masters in the deep state are letting them pretend to be “objective news” to fool people into buying their propaganda. Pretty brazen to those us paying attention.

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I think you hit the target. The "movement" is clearly planned and collaborative.

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Here is a psyop I worked out in relation to Julian but everyone steadfastly ignores it. I was Julian's father John's neighbour for 13 years in Sydney and we were very good friends. He was in our house all the time. In 2019 I saw an article about Chelsea Manning headlined by a glamour shot suggesting a lot of money behind it which struck me as anomalous to her situation so I looked her up in Wikipedia - that well-known source of information provided by intelligence agencies in coded form - and I could see immediately that her story didn't add up. It was reported that she downloaded 400,000 files in one day onto CDs labelled Lady Gaga in order to smuggle them through security. There were also lots of mentions of the number 22. She was 22, Adrian Llamo was 22, there were 22 charges against her and a couple of other 22s, 22 being a typical Masonic multiple of 11, one of their favourite numbers 9/11, 11/23 (JFK), 11:11:11 Armistice declaration, twin towers representing 11, etc.

As soon as I realised that she was an agent I suspected that the Collateral Murder video would be a fakery used to infiltrate WikiLeaks and sure enough my analysis of the film proved that to be true:

--- 13 callsigns in the transcript of the video which makes no sense especially when you consider that the two Apache helicopters had no contact with Ethan McCord's ground crew anomalous of itself and where the dialogue sounds like bits of genuine snippets of audio stitched together that don't match the footage and snippets that simply don't fit.

--- cannon shooting also should have resulted in greater damage

We do have to give those in power credit that underneath the propaganda they always let us know. I know nothing about warfare but I could work out easily that it was a fake.

But it would be extremely naive to find this fakery surprising - as if intelligence won't SUCCESSFULLY infiltrate WikiLeaks - no way wouldn't they be successful and they're not going to be successful pushing out things that don't make them look bad. What better way to infiltrate than push out something against themselves - people find it so hard to recognise this when it makes absolutely perfect sense. Those in power are always happy to push out things that look bad against them in order to control us better. Pushing things out that make them look bad works very well for them. And as if Collateral Damage - if it were real - is the worst thing that happened in Iraq.

But when I tried to tell John he wouldn't have a bar of it. I also tried to tell Julian's half brother's mother who I'm friendly with as well and while I think she was willing to listen she said, "They [Gabriel and John] won't believe you." I'm not asking anyone to believe me, they only have to look at the evidence themselves ... it is just amazing to me how people anchor in their beliefs and those in power understand that anchoring so very well.

I also have doubts about Julian's wife Stella Moris with one r, one letter different from Stella Maris which has occult associations. Why did she change her name from Sara Gonzalez Devant to Stella Moris I wonder. We know that agents infiltrate people even to the extent of having children with them and marrying them - the war film Allied with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt is based exactly on this true story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_(film)

Also, Helen Steel of McLibel fame was taken in by an undercover agent.


Here's my analysis.


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Yeah, someday too they will be vaccine skeptics.

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The press can't align without the nod of the Trusted News Initiative, centered around the BBC (building better corporations) and Dick Sharp as chairman, ex of Goldman and I would assume 'fully spooked up'... There is a feeling of a general departure from the Biden crime family as they are about to be wrung out... IMO. Following the US/UK diktat on Covid and the Ukraine has been a disaster. It seems like a scramble for the lifeboats but those presstitutes will not be calling for women and children first...

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I've run into the idea that the whole Assange affair was a limited hangout of some kind, don't know what. He was idealistic and unwittingly played into their hands. They used the whole thing in various ways.

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These monsters turn you into a female, if you were born a male.

Apparently, the MSM is now exploiting the option of presenting itself too little, too late:


And, of course, they want people to calm down and wait for a miracle that will never happen:


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I really hope you are terribly wrong on this one.

Unfortunately your analysis seems to hint at the right direction as these outlets are just 'out-lets'.

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