"What I Would Say I Find Most Remarkable Is The Great Comfort That People Find In All Agreeing With Each Other."
"Mama," by Marta Kubisova
"Everybody Always Gets Everything Wrong" (I Hope You Will Read It)
That's where comedy comes from
Writing About It Is My Way Of Returning To Life, Which Starts Today
And What My 5 year old Father Hoped He'd See
A Tale Of 3 Rabbits, Two Girls and a Boy, And How One Wound Up Shunned, But Kept Her Dignity
“Revolting headline. Leaving.” Was the comment. It was the post in which I quoted somebody or other, from a podcast, saying the NYT staff were “slitting…
Is It Still Media If They Say What They Mean?
Bear With A Flurry Of Posts About The New Media Landscape Since Yesterday
What people think always forms a near consistent wave, from the one end to the other. Here's one that appeared here, regarding Elon Musk