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Advent Calendar, Dec 25

To Our German Friends On Christmas

Advent Calendar, December 24, Christmas Mass At St. Patrick's Cathedral

Advent Calendar, Dec 23, The True Meaning Of Christmas

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Our Advent Calendar. I'm Sorry To Issue Satanic WH Kitsch But This Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Catherine Austin Fitts: "Pick A Side. We Are At A Fork In The Road. One Road Leads To Slavery, The Other Road Leads To Freedom."

Mark Crispin Miller: USA Becomes USSR, Brutally Crushes Dissent, As Doctors On Pharma Payroll Enlisted To Declare Those Who Dare Speak Of Vaccine Injury Clinically Insane

In Breathtaking Clip, Trump Says He "Came Up With" All Three Vaccines In Record Time; Cites Utterly False Claim That Deaths Are Higher Among Unvaccinated

Advent Calendar, Dec 22, The United States Air Force Band, Christmas Music Flashmob, 2013

Morning Music: Baroque Christmas

Advent Calendar, December 21 Handel's Messiah, London Philharmonic

Text Of Protest Letter By German Scientist, Briefly Published By The Lancet, Calling It "Wrong And Dangerous" To Spread The Lie That Covid Spread Is Driven By The Unvaccinated

Cornell Openly States That "Virtually Every Case" of "Omicron" Found In "Fully Vaccinated"

Advent Calendar, Dec. 19 "Conversation With Grandpa"

Advent Calendar: December 18, The Penguin Who Feared Water

The NWO* Plot From Moscow, Beginning In the Late 1920s To Infiltrate And Destroy The Catholic Church As We Knew It

Ashleigh Wilson Tells Full Story Of Her Fiancee Rory James

No Vaccine Pusher Will Step Forward To Defend Them As Safe And Effective Even For A $2 Million Award?

A Note About the Video Testimony From Ashleigh in NZ

Advent Calendar Dec. 17: Playing Christmas Carol DJ

Young NZ Couple Celebrating Dream Home Purchase Stop At Vaccine Clinic: "We Thought Why Not?"

UK Scientist Reveals Bombshell Data Analysis: Tracks Batches Of Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, Finds "..Some Batches Are 50 Times Worse Than Others"

Advent December 16: It's A Wonderful Life, Trailer and An Essay

The Machine Model Of Biology, The Attack On God, And One Scientist Who Tried To Warn Us

Dr. Robert Malone Issues Emergency "Before You Inject Your Child.." Warning In Video: "My Strong Recommendation To You Is To Resist And Fight To Protect Your Children"

Advent Calendar, December 15, Klezmer Dance

A Note On The McCullough Interview

Advent Calendar Dec. 14

The Peter McCullough Joe Rogan Interview Is Out

Advent Calendar, Dec. 13, Santa Lucia, Saint Of Light

Advent Calendar, Dec 12, The Night Before Christmas, Tom and Jerry

They Don't Know Me and They Don't Own Me

It Seems I Was Wrong To Think Brian Williams' Farewell Address Meant He Was Leaving The Media Elite Bubble Mentality

Brian Williams Goes Off Script In Cryptic Farewell Address On MSNBC: "A Nation Unrecognizable..." "They've Decided To Burn It All Down With Us Inside.."

Advent Calendar, Dec 11, Rudolf Nureyev and Merle Park, Pas de Deux

Advent Calendar, Dec 10: Amazing Grace

NYU Dean Of NYU Jack Knott Tells Mark Crispin Miller He Violated No Teaching Rules: Miller's Libel Suit Now Bolstered

Devastating Ruling: Assange To Be Extradited To US For Exposing War Crimes

Truth BarrierAdvent Calendar Dec 9: The Little Drummer Boy

Thomas Renz' Reveal: Medicare Data Doesn't Lie: Shows 48,465 Deaths Related To Shots

Hearing Voices: My Sister Bibi Can Hear What Rabbits Say

Pearl Harbor, History By Design

Jon Rappoport Casts New Light On Pfizer Docs: Long List Of Adverse Reactions Were Master List Of All Possible Reactions, Based On Past Vaccines

UPRISING: New Anthem Sweeps Australia and New Zealand

Gary Null's Epic Full 1996 Interview With PCR Inventor Kary Mullis

Light In The Darkness

Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release

Jordan Peterson Vs. Pods

Medical Journal Article: Vaccinated NO LESS INFECTIOUS Than Unvaccinated

Australian Official Goes Berserk On Anti-Mandate People, Equates Them Threateningly With "Anti-Vaxxers," and Menacingly Threatens "Stuff It! Shove it!

Anniversary Of A Murderous Coup, And The Birth Of The Cover-Up Industrial Complex

Catastrophic Presidency: Inflation By The Numbers: Gas Is Up 50%, Basic Foods, Used Cars, Furniture, Prices All Soaring, As The D "Left" Promotes Only Race Hysteria And Covid Hysteria

Emergency Use Authorization, Earlier In The Season Than Usual

Rittenhouse Not Guilty On All Counts: Media Guilty Of Premeditated Fact Murder

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Stunning Performance On Tucker Carlson Tonight

What They Said: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

German Father Cracks Apart Over Masking Of Children At Outdoor Event: Apoplectic Over Sadistic Trauma That Will Stay With Children For Life

Italian Crowd in Milan Greets Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As Long Lost Son, As Covid Freedom Rallies Sweep Europe

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Be On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tonight, Be Sure To Watch

Quiz: Which European Country Is NOT Having A Covid "Emergency" Right Now?

Follow The Patents: Dr. David Martin Goes All The Way, Names The Criminal Conspirators Behind Covid-19, Calls For Their Immediate Arrest

Real Fox News: The Man Who Serenades Nature's Misunderstood Loners

America White- Knuckles Awaiting Rittenhouse Verdict Possibly Today: Left-wing Occult Extremists Vow Murder If Verdict Does Not Go Their Way

A Not To Be Missed New Substack

Greg Gutfeld, at 7:52, Legendary TV Moment (Ought To Be) On Rittenhouse Prosecution's Depravity

The Politics Of Nutrients: Why Does "Vitamin D" Get All The Love? A Vanguard Of Academic Nutritionists Have Turned Against It, Even In Some Cases Calling It "Rat Poison"

Who Was Michael Anthony Granata? It's Getting So Bad The Dying Have To Write SOS Messages In Their Own Obituaries Telling How They Really Died

The Man Who Called Anthony Fauci "Dude," Reveals All: Fauci Told Trump Not To Worry About Covid In Jan of 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies

Fauci Clip Surfaces, As Incoherent In 1985 As He Is Now: Spreads Diabolical Lie That "HIV" Could Spread To Children Via Casual Contact In Household

The Man Who Died Alone

Propaganda Goes Next Level: Pfizer's New Ad Campaign Uses Children To Sell Vaccines As Chance To Be "Superheroes"

RUSSIAGATE ARREST: NYT Admits Steele Dossier Was "A Compendium Of Rumors"

Ghost In The Machine; Regarding the Missing Headline on That Last Post

Man's Acquaintance Goes Silent Three Days After Second Shot: Calls Firemen To Break Down Door

Comic Relief: AIDS Propaganda Classics

What They Said: Elias Canetti

#BEAGLEGATE: Anthony Fauci Funds Experiments On Puppies In Which They Are Eaten Alive, Vocal Cords Cut So They Can't Bark

Gaslit Nation: Do You Remember When You Were Directly Told By Mass Media Not To See What You Saw, On Live Television?

The Prayer

Denial: Israeli Ministry Of Health Deletes Thousands Of Comments From Israelis Who Suffered Vaccine Damage

Swedish Mother Cries, Telling Story Of 22 year Old Son In ICU With Blood Clots After Pfizer Shots: High Risk Of Heart Attack

Betrayed: The Israeli Face Of Pain After Pfizer Shots

What They Said: Marshall Rosenberg

Great Writing Flourishing From Covid Cultural Psychosis: John Waters

END OF COVID: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore And More End Covid Terrorism, Normalize Life With Covid, Refuse To Demonize The Non Injected: Kim Iverson Reports

Dam Breaking: Project Veritas First "Covid-19 Exposed" Video Gets 2 Million Views in 14 Hours

Project Veritas' Covid Vaccine Exposed, Part 1: Whistleblower Cries When Remembering Death Of Colleague Following Covid Shots: "This Is Evil At The Highest Level."

Focal Infections As Root Cause Of Illness And How To Quickly Resolve With Simple Routine

Murder Inc: Project Veritas Claims Insiders From Fed Govt, Pharma, FDA and More Making Stunning Admissions About Covid Shots "In Their Own Words"

Ice Bath Transformations: Russel Brand Describes How 30 Days Of Cold Immersion Changed Him

Rose McGowan Reveals How All of Hollywood Media Concealed Weinstein's Serial Rape, And He Was NOT A Rogue Case; "It's A Cult."

What They Said: Peter H. Duesberg

A Song About A Country Full Of Dreamers

How Not To Be Destroyed By The Destroyer

MDs in Germany and France Horrified To Discover What Blood Of Vaccinated Looks Like: "I Am Unable To Speak...The Blood Is Totally Rigid..."

Can We All Heal Disease And Come Alive With Ice Water, Mind And Breathing? (Ignore The Title Of This Video: Wim Hof Has No Interest In Being "Superhuman.")

"So Let Go Of The Thought That You Are Not Able To Do This. You ARE Able To Do This."

Bloodshed in Kabul: At Least 63 Afghans and 12 US Soldiers Killed

Medical Apartheid: Pregnant Woman Denied Heart Exam Due To "Vaccine" Status

Clear Report On Afghanistan--A Must Listen

Thousands Of Parisians Rally To Protest Covid Fascism For Sixth Consecutive Weekend

In Memory Of Lorna, Who Loved To Sing

What They Said: Toby Russell

UK Parliament Censures Joe Biden In Contempt Over "Imbecilic" Afghanistan Withdrawal

A Letter From A Reader, About How To Understand Afghanistan

Three Hindenburgs In One Day For Biden Administration

CHAOS In Kabul: US President Unable To Synchronize Basic Facts With His Top Brass, US Becomes Blight Of The West, As Europe Cries: "We Thought America Was Back!"

CDC's Walensky Admits With Straight Face That EARLY Vaccination Associated With MORE Severe Disease

Remembering My Mother

Post-Humanism; UK Mother Pleads For Help: Daughter In ICU, Family Barely Allowed To See Her; How To Detox From Shots

The Small Things


When The Body Just Goes Weird

FDA REJECTS PCR TEST FOR APPROVAL: The PCR "Test" for "Covid" Has Finally Had Its Own Test and It Failed Miserably

Update from Celia

From Celia's Friend

The Quiet One: David Crowe Died One Year Ago. He May Have Known More About Why PCR Was Not A "Test" For "Covid" Than Any Other Single Person

The Fifth Column: Both The Plan And The Defense Becoming Clear

Spanish Researchers: Covid Shots Are 99% Graphene Oxide: Does GO Explain Covid Symptoms And Injection Toxicity By Itself?

La Tabacalera

Exclusive Interview With Dr. André Dias, At Center Of Portugal FOIA Court Case Confirming Covid Statistical Fraud: "They Replied To All: "We Have Nothing" "

"FRAUD OF UNPRECEDENTED PROPORTIONS"-- Lisbon Court Confirms Citizen's Petition That Portugal's Covid Deaths Stats Were FABRICATED: Only 152 Died "Of Covid" Not 17,000

Another Massive Demonstration Against NWO Covid Tyranny In London

Breaking: Matt Hancock Resigns, Surveillance Video Shows Lusty Embrace Of Married Colleague But Nobody Believes This Is Why: Former Deutsche Bank Director Takes Over Health Minister Position

Recording Of Matthew Hancock Pushing Forced Vaccination of UK Children & How To Make It "Very Easy"

And The Parting On The Left: Mark Crispin Miller Posts Video Proof Jan 6 Was Inside Job, Another Reichstag Fire

Imminent Smoking Gun On Fauci

Imagine If Joe Biden's Goal Were To Not Allow One More American Child To Die Due To Post-Vaxx Myocarditis/Pericarditis, Rather than a Number, Quota of "Shots Into Arms", by Independence Day

Following The Science Into The Grave: A New Documentary By Mark Mallett

Media Insiders Defect: CBS Reporter April Moss Reveals Staged Covid Stories, Repression of Vaccine Safety Information: Fired Immediately

Condoms, The Olympics, And Humiliation Rituals

Say Their Names: The Page That Lists Covid Vaccine Victims

Mice In Chinese Study Remote Controlled By Injected Magnetics

An Easy Way To Study The Effects Of Colloidal Silver, Via Testimonials

American Airlines Cancels Almost 400 Flights in 3 Days "...largely the result of a high number of sick calls.."

The Machine Model Of Biology, Denial of The Mystery, Biological Reductionism, And The Scientist Who Tried To Warn Us: Interview With Richard Strohman

Clif High: "The power elite have been hoisted on their own petard by Universe"

Emanating Love

If We Only Have Love

The Kirsch Report: "We're Going To Show You Proof That There Are Over 25,000 Excess Deaths And Most All Of Those Are Due To The Vaccine"

32 Year Old Man Dies 12 Hours After J&J Shot; Grieving Parents Call It "Criminal" and "Murder" In Video Testimonial Warning Others

Clapton "What Really Got Me Was Ethnic Minorities Guilt-Tripping Their Own Communities....It Made Me Angry"

"We Have To Stop It" The Fuellmich/McCullough Interview That Broke The Sound Barrier

The Greatest Scholar On The Committee Of 300: Dr. John Coleman

So What Should We Do?

An Interview That Can Still Save Lives

Embarrassing Journalism At The Miami Herald: Trump Should Have Stopped "Covid" (Not Fauci)

Deranged Biden Claims A New "Strain" Is "Spreading Rapidly" Among Kids As Young as 12, Tweets: "If You're Young And Haven't Gotten Your Shot Yet, It Really Is Time"

Media Creates Repentant Wisconsin Pharmacist, Sentenced To Prison, Allegedly Now Sorry He Sabotaged Moderna Vials

"Large Swaths" Of The Internet Were Down In The Early Morning Hours of June 8

What They Said: Toby Russell

Fuellmich: "This Is Worse Than What Happened In The Third Reich"

Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party: The Book That Persuaded 300 Million Chinese to Quit The CCP

Bombshell Report: Chinese Defector Debriefed By DIA About CCP Bioweapons Program Kept Quarantined From Spy-Infested US Intelligence Agencies

NYU'S Attempt To Defame And Censor Mark Crispin Miller Backfires On Them Daily

The Pharmaceutical Industry Does Social Engineering Even Better Than...

Following Historically Huge Freedom March in London, UK Cancels Vaccine Passports

Psalm 34 By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Robert Maxwell Was Never His Name: Robert Maxwell's Roots Reveal His Role As Useful Science Propagandist Between USSR and The "West"

What They Said: Ray Obomsawin

FAUCI-GATE: Senate UNANIMOUSLY passes Rand Paul BAN On Wuhan Funding As Pressure Mounts For Fauci to Resign

Small Town Prank Or NSLA Misstep? The Fraught Climate of Covid Reporting And Some Words About The Soul of Journalism

The Right Word To Describe Jordan Peterson

One Last Lockdown


Prayer In The Form Of A Song

Changed Settings

Jesus Statue In Brazil Used To Push Vaccination As New Faith

The New Normal: Breaking People Like Teacups


A Short Tribute Film For My Father, Barry Farber, On The Anniversary Of His Death

"Nobody Hated America. Everybody Wished That They Could Go To America." --Grandpa Marcus

Mikhaila Peterson's HILARIOUS Comeback To The Redskull Attack On Her Father: Funniest SJW Backfire Ever


Just Live

A Smashing Paper Everybody Should Read: Scientist Demolishes Covid Ghost Statistics Industry, Demonstrates Countless Lysenkoist Deceptions And Shows Lockdowns Are Formula For Mass Deaths

Finnish Poetry We Somehow Weren't Aware Of

Covid-19 As Luciferian "Virology;" A Christian Objection

On John Magufuli: Death Of An African Freedom Fighter, Patriot, Populist, PCR-Buster, and Martyr

Postcards From The Apocalypse (Which Is Strangely Dull)

In Memory Of The Poet Xenia Nekrasova

I Remember America

The Human Story, The Forgotten Voices