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What Are The Characteristics Of The Diabolic? Anything That Tears Asunder, Pits people against one another: Fulton Sheen Is

Have We Ever Stopped To Think About The Staff On Delivery Wards? This May Be The Hardest Piece You Have Read Yet.

The Twitter Files Episode We Have All Been Waiting For: HOW TWITTER CHOKED AND CONTROLLED THE COVID DEBATE

Things You Can Find In The Closet

Advent Calendar, Dec. 25: My Christmas Card

Catherine Austin Fitts:"We're Now Staring Down The Barrel Of A Mass Atrocity."

Advent Calendar Dec 24: In The Dark Night, Orthodox Christian Chant


Died Suddenly: Beloved Baby Chimp Kucheza Found Dead In Mother's Arms Five Weeks After Video Reunion With Mother Went Viral

Health Canada and Veteran's Affairs Partner In Release Of Coloring And Activity Book For Children To Help Them Understand "Medical Assistance In Dying," Or "MAiD."

Morning Inspiration: Buddy & Mike

Advent Calendar, Dec. 22

Let's Get Organized About EDTA Detox Protocols

Advent Calendar, Dec. 21 Joy To The World

I Hope It's Not Confusing When My Content Turns To Animals, (Cats) But This One Is Truly Magical

"There Is Hope—EDTA Chelation Works," Writes Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea After Young (Unvaccinated) Patient's Blood Resolves Rouleaux Formation After Simple Treatment

Advent Calendar Dec. 20th, "Mary Did You Know?" My Favorite Version

The US Government Was PAYING Twitter To Censor People

Advent Calendar, Dec 19, Little Drummer Boy

Let's Take A Train Back In Time

Good Morning America; The FBI Is Caught With Its Pants Down. Who Has "Has Some Explaining To Do," According To Elizabeth Warren? Elon Musk

"ThermoNuclear Bad" PSY OP From China: Much WORSE This Time, 60% Of China, 10% of Whole World "Infected Over Next 90 Days." FOOTAGE OF CRISIS ACTORS BEING FILMED SCREAMING IN HAZMAT SUITS

Advent Calendar, Dec 18: Jesus Prayer

"AAAAAARRRRGEEENTIIINA!!!!!!" A Sportscaster After My Own Heart

Two Interviews With Professor Everisto Banyera Helped Me Understand BRICS , The Rise Of The Global South, And The Demise Of "Unipolar Led International Trade."

Advent Calendar December 17: A Charlie Brown Christmas

I Will Stop Grumping About The Corpse Of Journalism, I Promise

The Killing Fields Of Journalism

They're Fog-Bombing The Expose About FBI's Stasi Control Of Twitter With Tempest In Teapot Non Issues, Made To Seem Huge, Like PCR Can Do To An Irrelevant Molecule

After Tucker Carlson's Bombshell Report On CIA's Role In JFK Assassination, Robert F. Kennedy J. Calls It "The Most Courageous Newscast in 60 Years"

FBI/Twitter Stasiland Files Not A Story, But Temporary Ban Of Musk Doxxers Leads To International Crisis In Journalism

Advent Calendar Dec. 16 Huxley The Ram's Christmas Miracle


Elon Musk Issues Tweet Promising Imminent "Coup de Grâce." What Could It Be?


Advent Calendar Dec. 15: My Father Interviewed His Russian Immigrant Grandfather in 1963. It Was His Most Popular Radio Show, Possibly Ever

British MP Andrew Bridgen Joins Opposition: Calls For "Immediate and Complete Suspension Of Any More Covid Vaccines."

Baby Alex's Parents To Be Interviewed Tonight At 7 PM EST By Steve Kirsch at VSRF

Advent Calendar Dec 14: British Trained War Pigeon Cher Ami Flew Through Hails Of Bullets To Deliver His Message

Newborn Baby In Washington State Dies Of Blood Clot After Hospital Gives Him Vaccinated Blood Transfusion Despite Arrangement Parents Had Made For Non Vaccinated Blood

Advent Calendar December 13: This One Is A No Brainer

Giuliani Says He Had Entire Biden Crime/Laptop Case In 2019; More Than Enough To Prosecute: "I Gave It To Hannity.." "Then I Gave It To John Solomon...Then To Mike Pompeo!"

Advent Calendar, Dec. 12: Christmas 1915, Celtic Thunder

Elon Musk Keeps Tweeting In A Way That Suggests He Has Pure Criminal Evidence Against Anthony Fauci: Opposition Furious

Advent Calendar, Dec. 11: Lord Of The Dance, By John Langstaff

Advent Calendar Dec 10: The Shakers Of Sabbathday Lake in Maine Wrote Over 1200 Songs; Only This One Survived

CJ Hopkins On The Truth Rail: "Put Yourself in Matt Taibbi's and Bari Weiss' Position. If They Tell THAT Story, Their Lives Will Be Destroyed."

Advent Calendar, Dec. 9, Bill Haley And His Comets

Bari Weiss and Matt Taibbi Break The Twitter Files Part 2

"What We See Is Catastrophic. It's A Danger Signal Like No Others," James Thorp, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Advent Calendar Dec 8, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Full Movie, Rankin Bass

Quick Apology For Error

"So Much Freedom. So Much Money"

Artificial Ignorance: Spellcheck is My Enemy

Advent Calendar Dec. 7: Why Don't We Say "Handel and Jennens?"

Senator Ron Johnson Vaccine Data Roundtable Streaming Live Now

She's a Veteran and Paralympian. Her Problem? She Needed an In-Home Chairlift. So The Canadian Government Suggested She May Be Interested In Euthanasia

Advent Calendar Dec 6: Abisko

"Fall On Your Sword Mr. Fauci" Song

Something Happening At 5 pm EST

The Singing Revolution: The True Story Of The Country That Used Music and SongTo Break Free Of Tyranny

ROYCE WHITE CLEARS FOG: We Did Not Win WW2, And Paperclip Was No Obscure Project

U.S. Government Is Caught Red Handed By Project Veritas Sending Migrant Children To Child Traffickers: Entire System Set Up To Send The "Product:" Children Used For Labor and Sex

Advent Calendar Dec 4: Who Was Charles Schulz?

Advent Calendar, Dec 3:

Four US Navy Sailors End Their Lives At Same VA Facility Within A Few Weeks

The Myopia (And Deck Chairs on The Titanic) Trap

What Is This About?

Twittergate: James Woods Suing DNC

Masks Are Off: U.S. To Chinese Protesters: You Speak For Yourselves

The Twitter Files: Matt Taibbi Launches Thread Revealing How Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Controlled and Removed Before Election

Advent Calendar Dec 2: Andrea Bocelli and The Muppets

How Not To Be So Easily Offended

Annual Truth Barrier Advent Calendar Begins Today: Dec 1

New Epstein Flight Log List PUBLISHED ON TWITTER Includes Many World Leaders. New Videos and Photos Emerging. Developing Story.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Secret Files On Free Speech Suppression To Be Published On "Twitter Itself," As Both Apple and EU Threaten Twitter Bans


Died Suddenly: Beloved Oklahoma Bluegrass Singer Songwriter Jake Flint, 37, Dies Hours After Marrying

Waltz Of The Sugarplum Gatekeepers: The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais, Der Spiegel Call For JULIAN ASSANGE to be Released

Balenciaga Scandal Blows Open Portal To 100% Vindication Of "Conspiracy Theorists" Post Wikileaks

Suicide Commercials In Canada

The Evil Spirit Behind Covid

Americans: Stand With The People Of China. Your President's Shameful Silence Need Not be Yours

Ruminations on Humor

"We Want Freedom Not Virus Check"

Don't Blame God

Genius Of Comedy

Fall Of The House Of Fauci Underway: Boston Herald Breaks Media Silence, Picks Up Report About 7 Hour Fauci Deposition In Scathing Piece

Synchronized Media, Deeply Alarmed About Us Putting Out Misinformation or Disinformation. Comic Relief, or is It Horror Genre?

Big Media Implodes: The Intercept And Other Media Engulfed By Scandal: FTX Was Giving Millions To Outlets Including The Intercept, ProPublica, VOX. Semafor, Vanity Fair, And More

HELL ON EARTH: Zero Covid In China, People Being Dragged Screaming, Clubbed--Protests Breaking Out On A Massive Scale, Nothing Left To Lose

Quick News Bulletin: Antifa Portland Reportedly Organizing Arson Attacks on Tesla Locations Tonight

Balenciaga/Adidas BDSM Ad Campaign Blows Up Into Unexpected Second Wave Of Awakening About Sexualization (and way worse) Of Children As War Lines Drawn Between Elite/Woke and Defenders Of Children

I Finally Found A Way To Cover Fauci's Last Press Conference: NEED TO SPELL OUT, THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE PRESS SECRETARY.

Watch The Blanket

Imagine An American Family That Practices Witchcraft, And Forces It Onto The Children

Sam Bankman Fried Seen Relaxing With Parents In Bahamas; This Tweet Links To "Unifying Theory" of FTX

On A Lighter Note: Something for Soccer Fans

Panic In The Simulated Reality As "Died Suddenly" Gets Millions Of Views, Trends #1 On Yahoo, Big Media Tries To Discredit, Musk Bans Then Lifts Ban

New Inscrutable Emails Between Fauci, Drosten et al

The Merch Closet At Twitter Headquarters Turns Into Valuable Historical Memorabilia

If Somebody Is Not Listening To You, Stop Trying

Rest In Eternal Peace: John F. Kennedy Was His Name

Jimmy Dore On Covid, Artists, Conformity & Cruelty--A Brilliant Performance

BlueTruth Documentary: Are The Vaccinated Trasnmitters? Do The Unvaccinated Also Transmit? An Experiment Done With Compassion

IF You Are Interested In The Pentecostal View Of Demons, This Is A Beginning--Definitions Of Basics

Victims Of Covid Vaccines Who Died Suddenly

"It is High Time to Rekindle the Stars:" Kaddour Hadadi by way of Apolinnaire, He Told Us We Could Dance Again, Remember?

Stew Peters' Documentary "Died Suddenly" Is Now Out, Nov 21, 2022

Things I Notice: Geo-Politics Deep Fake, No Diplomacy: Visuals, Music, Symbols

"Have you fed them? We feed them."

"We Have To Talk About Mr. Global"

Who Reads Books? Let's Read THIS One

Karelian Folk Music Ensemble's Rendition Of Lannen Lokari

Ashokan Farewell

FTX Funded Covid Lies Called "Science" And These Lies Killed Many People

I found "the point" about Elon Musk. It is precisely not about who he is.

Celebrities Are Controlled By Handlers With, In Some Cases, Roots In Military Research Into Drugs And Their Effects On The Mind

A MUST Watch: Hawley Exposes and Blasts DHS Collusion With Big Tech To Control Truth In Big Brother Dystopia, About Covid, Vaccine Mandates, And Other Subjects

Spain: First European Demonstration Against Arms Supplies To Ukraine & European Weapons Used To Kill Civilians In Donbass

Judge Orders Epstein Documents Unsealed

Giorgia Meloni Thunderously Exposes France's Exploits Of 14 African Nations Through Plunder Of Their Gold Mines Where Children Are Used For Labor

Musk Asks WHO Whether To Reinstate Trump on Twitter?

On Friendship, Debt, Woke And Love

Is Maricopa Our Gdansk? Two Must See Videos, One A Quiet Testimony, One A Majestic Rage From A Man Who's Had Enough

This Made Me Laugh

Follow Up: Why I Posted About G20 Vaccine Passport Fever Dreams

What's The GOP Biden Investigation Is "About" At First Levels, Good Summation By Ted Cruz

"This is An Investigation Into Joe Biden." Fourteen FBI Whistleblowers, 150 Suspicious Activity Reports For Business Transactions, Illegal Dealings With China and 50 Other Countries. NO DENYING IT

Rise Of Socially Engineered Monster Children

The War On AIDS Is Chemical Warfare On Innocent Humans

Dutch Journalist Warns Entire World About Effects Of Election Theft In US: Watch And Share This 14 Minute Video With Evidence Of FRAUD, THEFT And TAMPERING

Kary Mullis' Widow Told British Tabloid In 2021 That Mullis Died Of Longstanding Illnesses-- Was Not Murdered. Was So Distressed About Internet Rumors That She Wrote To Tony Fauci To Apologize

Toby's Dream

Magical Thinking Vs. Reality

Women In Journalism

Midterm Election CHAOS: Malfunctioning Tabulators Spreading Like a Machine Pandemic

Martin Armstrong: "This Election Is Not Going To Be Accepted."

Revelations From Twitter-Gate: We Have Been Under The Direct Command and Control Of The UN For A Long Time

The Question Becomes: Could The New Twitter Bill Of Rights Transform The Political Landscape?

I Looked More Closely Into The Musk Family

A Tiny Tale Of Self Acceptance

What "Zero-Covid" Policy In China Really Looks Like

Hell On Earth: Covid PCR "Tests" Trigger Mass Exodus At Foxconn iPhone Factory After Chinese Workers Are Locked In, Commit Suicide, Left To Die and Starve--Fleeing on Foot, Climbing Onto Trucks

Is Elon Musk A "Fraud?" And Do We Care, And If So, How Much?

Media Agents Petrified Of Musk Selling Elite Blue Checkmarks to Commoners, Meaning: Anybody, (Being Anybody,) Could Say Anything About ANYthing, On Election Day?!?!

Royal Babble: The New Dem. Entitlement Trend: Refuse Debate Because You Don't Want to Give Your Political Opponent a Bigger Platform From Which To Spread Conspiracy Theories

Deleted a Post

If You Can Love A Poem They Have Not Won, And Never Will

"I Know How It Feels To Have A Knee On My Neck Now"

17 Year Old Dies Suddenly During Choir Rehearsal, Autopsy Reveals No Obvious Cause Of Death: "My Precious Baby Boy."

UPDATE: A Troll.Exiting Twitter Data Engineer Exudes Misery, Laments New Twitter Culture That Will Fail To Protect Woke-Ism, Worries About "Nazis" Who Think Trans Women Should Not Use Girl's Bathrooms

Now Fired Twitter Employees Describe Themselves as "Left Left Left Left" And Describe How Their Shadow-Purging Works

Elon Musk Now Owns Twitter, High Level Firings Have Begun

Kanye Interview

Wolf Howl: "Running Errands In The Wake Of Emotional Violence USA"

Now For A Happy Story

The Normalization and Glorification Of Euthanasia

As Staten Island Judge Demolishes NY Vaxx Mandates, Biden Gets Fifth Injection On TV


Thoughts Before Sleep: Betrayal and Covid

Requiem: ACIP Votes unanimously To Add The Deadliest "Vaccines" Ever Made To The "Childhood Schedule"

What They Said: Boris Pasternak

My Most Important Statement in Robert F. Kennedy Jr's "The Real Anthony Fauci"

The Real Anthony Fauci: The Movie

What They Said: Albert Camus

Sick Today

Toby Rogers: We Are In The Midst Of The Most Sophisticated Targeted Messaging Campaign In Human History

A Mother's Anguish: "I Knew...That The Shot Had Killed Him."

What Happens To Kids Who Are Subject To This Kind Of Conditioning About Gun Violence and School?

Wikileaks, 2016 : "Hillary For America" Paid For Sandy Hook TV Ads, Featuring Daughter Of Sandy Hook Principal

In Wake Of Alex Jones Largest EVER Judgment Amount Of Nearly $1 Billion, M.I.A. Calls Out Celebs Paid To Lie About Covid Shots

Democratic Idol AOC Screamed At For Voting For War Escalation, Arms To "Ukrainian Nazis," In Wake Of Gabbard's Leaving The Party: "You're Voting To Start A Third Nuclear War With Russia And China."

An Invitation To Come To The Liberty Speaks Conference This Weekend in MD--Great Group, Beautiful Setting Way Out In The Countryside

Born Free

Even Car Windshield Washers Are State Agents In New Zealand

When Hate Campaigns Fail

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Father Of The "Slow Virus" Paradigm That Paved The Way For The HIV/AIDS Depopulation Part 1 Genocide Was Hiding In Plain Sight As A Proud Pedophile

Anti-EU Protests Sweep Europe AND Africa Demanding End To Russian Sanctions, Restoration Of Gas Contracts

Nord Stream Sabotage: Polish Chairman of EU-USA Delegation Tweets Non Ironic "Thank You, USA" Over Image Of Baltic Sea Bubble Field

Shelling Killed 11 Year Old Rising Ballerina Star, Her 70 Year Old Teacher, A Famous Ballerina Also, and Her Grandmother, Aug 4, Donetsk

"Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2 Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply To Germany From Russia." Eugyppius Substack

The Best Clinical Assessment Of President Biden's Mental State And Why

Twilight Zone: What Does Putin Want? Why Is There No US, NATO or EU Diplomacy

Two Teenage Boys Die In Their Sleep Days After Pfizer Shots

Viviane Fischer Makes Public Accusation Against Reiner Fuellmich

Ghost Stories

32 Canadian Doctors Who "Died Suddenly" While Fully Vaccinated

Red Dawn: Watching A Batch Of Covid Commercials and Old Socialist Propaganda

"Fall On Your Sword Dr. Fauci,"

Protection From Propaganda Is More Urgent Than Scientific Sophistication

Mark Crispin Miller Reports On A Case Of "Died Instantly," After Woman Claims On Social Media Her Mother Died Immediately Upon Getting A "Booster," Shot

A Song By New Friends

Kurt Vonnegut: The Shape Of Stories

Newscaster in Canada In Tears, Talking About Beloved Colleague Who "Died Suddenly."

Sucker Punch: The "Science" Behind "Social Distancing" Was Made Up, Entirely Random

The Russian Voice: An Appreciation

Media Announces Death Of Queen Elizabeth ll

Three Poems

Electrostatic Discharge & The Impulse To Find Our Way Back To Non-Violent Communication

Statement From Eric Coppolino

How Movements Die; They Become Sad. The Covid Truth Movement Has Probably Become Splintered by Infiltration And Accusation

The Nobel Prize That Was Given To A Scientist Primarily For Not Being Bob Gallo. He Did Not Believe HIV Was The Cause Of AIDS, And In 1997, He Made A Full Confession (If you read carefully)

A Discussion With Stew Peters: What Is Fauci-ism?

New Film "My Son Hunter" Exposes Biden Family Crimes But, According To The Director, Does not Demonize Anybody

Road Tripping With Clif High: "We Are The Champions Of The World"

The Killing Fields: Sudden Deaths Among The Injected, Including Children: A Partial Account Of An Unfathomable Reality

Catch 22: As Covid Vaccine Cult Is Backed Off Cliff, It Seeks To Blame Trump Administration For The Vaccine Catastrophe, Describing "Knife Fight" With FDA To Approve It At "Warp Speed"

Fauci, Cornered, Repressing Rage in TV Interview: "I Didn't Shut Down Anything."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Fauci's Shock Resignation--A Truth Barrier Exclusive

Covid Is Not An Epidemiological Story; Covid Is A Crime Story

Covid-19 Was Not An Epidemiological Event; It Was A Money Laundering Scheme

Diana West: "America Has Unraveled..I Do Believe That It Is Not The United States At This Point. We Are Actually Occupied By A Revolutionary Force"

Alice Through The Looking Glass And Alex Berenson's Refusal To Look

Good News About The Truth Barrier

Doors Of Andalucia, Part 2

As Canadians Continue To Be Harassed, Treated As Criminals, Over Covid Prohibitions At Airports, Trudeau Flies Private Jet To Costa Rica Maskless

Freya, Beloved Walrus Who Took Naps On Boats In Oslo Fjord, "Is No More."

Jerry Nadler Scoffs At EvidenceOf Child Rape At Texas Border

PSYOP WATCH: The Deeply Strange Case Of Anne Heche

The Shocking Artifacts Of Recent History

What They Said: David Bowie

The CDC Totally Reverses Course, Ends Apartheid Against 'Unvaccinated,' Drops Restrictions And Core Policies

PenetrateThe Ostensible: It Was Not Possible For Trump To Violate The Espionage Act

If You Have Ever Doubted Media Mass Scripting In Advance Of A Major Op, Please Watch This

Mar A Lago FBI Raid: "We Had Given Them Access To The Room Before"

Steve Kirsch Breaks The Sound Barrier At FOX: "Hundreds of Thousands Of Americans Have Been Killed By This Vaccine.:

Rage Against The Machine

Mandatory Vaccination Struck Down In Costa Rica By The President: "Any Action Taken Against Anyone Who Does Not Want To Be Vaccinated Is..Against The Law."

Is the Video of Australian With Boomerang Smashing Car Window Authentic or Could It Be Part of A New Disinfo Campaign Against "Anti-Vaxxers?"

Father Whose 7 Year Old Son's Heart Was Destroyed By Myocarditis After Covid Shot Calls Up Pharmacist In Apoplectic Anger: "What Is Wrong With You?"

Dutch Dairy Farmer Jeroen van Maanen Speaks To The World: "Why Are Dutch Farmers Angry?"

Justin Trudeau Is Completely Out Of His Mind

Died Suddenly: Why Do Birds Fall Down From The Sky... Every Time You Erect Your Towers?

Dreaming Out Loud

Previous Post (About Paris Hilton Documentary) Is Back In Shop For Revision, Will Re-Post It

I Just Got WiFi Back And Am Celebrating With A Happy Dog Video


Fiestas Virgen del Carmen

My Extremely Unusual Saturday Night

Spanish Farmers Join The Uprising Against Forced Famine Imposed By The EU's Fertilizer Ban and Green Fascism: Protests, Unlike Synthetic Ghost "Viruses," Are Highly Contagious

Mark Crispin Miller Publishes Video Showing How Hostile And Nearly Impossible It Is For Canadians To Enter Canada, Due To Covid Bio-Fascism And Criminal "Fines"

WANTED Posters In Switzerland For Covid and WEF Figureheads, As Rage Rises On The Streets All Across Europe

Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas Resigns: Had Tweeted Support For Trudeau, Standing For "Democratic Values and Freedom"

Rap Song About Hunter Biden Goes To #1 Spot

Another Mr. Global Puppet Leaves The Stage: Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi, "Most Powerful Person In Europe," "Greatest Central Banker of Modern Times," RESIGNS Amidst Mass Protests

Planned Parenthood Founder, Atheist, "Humanist" and Early Globalist Margaret Sanger Interviewed By Mike Wallace 1957:

Clarence Thomas In His Own Words

SALT & WATER CURE: How To Take Both, In Adequate Amounts, The Right Form, And At The Right Times

Hunter Biden's iCloud Hacked And Leaked, Revealing New Depths Of Depravity, Criminality, and Criminal Pedophilia--Calls Joe Biden "Pedo Peter" in iPhone Contacts

More Details On The Demolition Of The Georgia Guidestones

Reporting 3 Young Deaths In One Week, UK Undertaker Shows Synthetic Material Pulled From Arteries Of Young Man Who "Died Suddenly"

Breaking: Shinzo Abe Has Died

Demolition of Georgia Guidestones Symbolizes Metamorphosis For Humanity

So Why Didn't We Die?

Peterson: Was Ellen A She When He Or She Or They Had His or Her Or Their Breasts Removed?

An Andalucian Shop Window During Siesta With "Gender" Clarity

World Grieves Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

The Near Death Experience Of Ms. Maria Kohr

Doors Of Andalucía

Where Was I?

Love Won

Does The Vaccine Apparatus Actually Think The Acronym "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" Will Make All These Sudden Deaths Seem Part Of The "New Normal?"

The Road Less Traveled: Hope In The Time Of Medical Tyranny

About Lewis, And About "Cancer"

Days Of Sorrow: FDA Votes On Poisoning Infants and Children, Toby Rogers Shines His Light To The Very Last Moment

Mike Adams: Looking at this is shocking: This is being found in people who have "died suddenly"

MAYDAY! Dowd: Three Million Extra Americans On Disability Since Vaccine Rollout

Justin Bieber Releases Shell-Shocked Video Telling Fans He Canceled Tour Because Half His Face Is Paralyzed

Homage To Andalucía

Fauci-Ism As Transition Out Of American Identity

As Good As It Gets

Michael Sussman Acquitted

Nation Awaits Verdict In Sussman Trial Despite Media Blackout, Barr Calls Hillary Clinton's Role In Conspiracy To Frame Trump In Russiagate "Seditious--"

Getting Back In The Saddle, I Made Myself Write About The Pushback Against The "Global Pandemic Treaty"

Fields Of Gold

Warmer Weather Means Ice Baths (And Joy The NWO Wishes You Didn't Know How To Tap Into)

Brian Eno Decries Mass Cult-Think On Ukraine/Russia: "Never Seen Any Event So Universally and Simplistically Presented"

One Of My Favorite Singers and Songs, For Mother's Day

This Post Went Out With A Missing First Page--Now Fixed

Everybody Always Gets Everything Wrong

Two Years Ago Today, I Lost My Father

Colored Water

Four Astonishing True Stories Of Love and Hope

When Rabbits Talk

Fair Criticism: Post Removed Until I Consider New Headline

Just To Make You Laugh

I Share This Minority View: Twitter Is Globalist Mega-Weapon, Not Just A Place To Waste Time

Truth Barrier Readers On Musk: Is It Foolish To Be Happy That He Bought Twitter, Even If He Is Planning To Link Our Brains To Metal Dogs On Mars?

Return Of The Twitter Un-Personed: Vladimir Zelenko, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, and Many More Already Back On Twitter


The Crucible; Johnny Depp On The Witness Stand: "It's Hard To Understand Why Someone Who Is Supposed To Love You Could Be That Cruel"

Canadian MP Leslyn Lewis Blasts W.H.O. "Pandemic Treaty" To Journalist Who Wonders Why She "Would" Posit Something That "Undermines Global Institutions."

Gonzalo Lira Is Alive; Appears On Video

Legacy Media Chaos: Warner Bros. Shuts Down CNN + 3 Weeks After Its $300 Million Launch

Is Lira Alive? Person Claiming To Be Gonzalo Lira Emerges On Twitter

OPEN MURDER OF OPPOSITION PRESS IN UKRAINE: Valery Kuleshov, Ukrainian Blogger Who Opposed Zelensky Regime, Executed In Car in Kherson

Gonzalo Lira Is Still Missing: His Audience In Despair, Pro-SBU Western Media Openly Cheering, Saying He Deserved To Die For Reporting Against Ukrainian Narrative

Reuters Article, Breathtakingly, Asks You To Pity Mask Sellers, Facing Hard Times After Mask Mandate Struck Down On Flights

Glasnost Fever In The Air; America's Flight Crews, Pilots, & Travelers Cheer, Break Out Champagne, and Sing to Express Jubilation Over The End Of The Unnecessary And Repressive Travel Mask Mandate

A Little Girl In Church

Remembering A Giant: Judith Reisman

Thrones Of Semana Santa

An Update on Lewis

When I Get Quiet

The Memory Hole: Before Natural Immunity Was Forbidden

Who Is This? And Where Is Jen Psaki

The FBI Has No Idea Where The Hunter Biden Laptop Is

Back By Popular Demand: The Story Of Peter Duesberg's Harassment At The Hands of Fauci

Amidst Strife Between Warring Camps,Jack Maxey Downloads Hunter Biden Data, The Daily Mail Reports It In UK, Gets Accused of Being Putin Propagandists

Greg Reese New Video Takes On Pfizer Attack On Infants And Toddlers

The Final Frontier: Pfizer Takes Aim At Green Light For Covid Shots For Babies As Young As Six Months, Despite Devastating Data

Approaching The 400 LB Gorilla In The Room: Trump's Lawsuit Against The Colluders

The Consecration Of Russia From Rome Begins At Noon EST Today

Russia's MoD: "Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a provocation with the participation of Western journalists in Kharkov"

Interview With Filmmaker Allan Frankovich

Sadistic Abuse Of Civilians In Mariupol Emerges Via Telegram Channel

Zelensky The Freedom Icon Nationalizes TV News And Bans All Activity By All Opposition Parties

Documentary: "History Of Russia, Rurik To Revolution" Goes Viral, As People Grow Hungry For Historical Context

Meeting On The Fatima Bridge: Catholics and Non Catholics-- Commentary By Simon Miles

Peter O'Toole

What Does It Mean That Pope Francis Is "Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary" on March 25?

"Journalists" Demanding MORE US Aggression, Military Action, In Ukraine

"When A Man Gives Another Man A Diamond, It's One Of Two Things."

The "Bombs Away Club" of Washington DC; Col. Doug McGregor: "We Are Bullies...They're Performing For Their Donors"

Psaki Incapable Of Admitting Fault, Hence, Is A LIAR

New York Times: Hunter Biden Under Criminal Investigation, Laptop Real, No Apologies To Those Who Always Said So

Summit Point: Catherine Austin Fitts In Conversation With Karel van Wolferen--NWO, Ukraine, NATO, Neo-Cons, Covid, EU, and Putin's Shock Chess Moves On Davos

Learn About Ukraine's History

On The Watch For A False Flag

Seizure of Property In The Guise of Pro-Ukraine Activism Begins

Words From A Russian Professor Of Slavic Studies: Western Powers, Was It Worth It?

Edward Dowd: "If True It Boggles The Mind: An 84% INCREASE In Deaths AfterCovid Shots, 61,000 excess deaths; This is what we call democide--death by government

Edward Dowd: Covid Shots Have Devastated Millenials, Deaths Number In One Year The Number Killed in Entire Vietnam War

Putin In His Own Words: Why I Did It

Jen Psaki Is Annoyed At You

Russian Foreign Ministry: We Have Proof Of Bio-Terror Specimens From Pentagon Funded Labs In Ukraine, Obtained After Feb 24; ALSO-- Zelensky Has "Cooled" On Ukraine Joining NATO

What They Said: Nadezhda Mandelstam

Chilean National With Ukrainian Family Gets Expelled From Hotel For Live Streaming Reports That Contradict The Official Narrative

Gaslit Nation: Leaked Dem Polling Firm Memo Reveals Plan To Gaslight and Brainwash Public, Make Them Think Dems "Won" Triumph Over "Covid" With "Incredible, Historic Success"

The Rising Fame Of John Mearsheimer: Why Is Ukraine Mess The West's Fault?

Saying Goodbye To My Friend

True Map Of The World: US Has Become Bio-Weapons Power

Oh Here We Go

"Hello Humans!" New Clif High

Is Covid Over? In Dramatic Propaganda Pivot, CDC, TV Networks, Even California Launch New Message That It's Not A Crisis Anymore And Masks Are "Coming Off"

How Is Patrick Lancaster The Only Western Reporter on The Ground In Donetsk Yet Every "Journalist" Appears To Know The Truth?


Standards and Rules For This Forum

How Come No Western Media Outlet Told Us Putin Recognized Two People's Republics, Lugansk and Donetsk, On Feb 21?

Why No Mention Of Pentagon Funded Bio-Warfare Labs In Ukraine? Also, Glenn Greenwald Says The Unsayable: Why Did NATO Not De-Escalate?

Grand Jury Proceedings, Corona Investigative Committee, Witness Statement, Dr. Bryan Ardis: Patients Died Of Drowning

Let's At Least Go Back To 2014 To Begin To Understand The Russia/Ukraine Situation

Trudeau Ends Emergencies Act

BREAKING: German Insurance Database Reveals "Violent Warning Signal" Among Recipients Of Shots; Board Member Speaks Out, Says It Would Be Unethical Not To

Bill Gates Equates Being Upset Over Having To Wear A Mask To Being Upset That You Have To Wear Pants

We're Not Gonna Take It

New Yorkers Dance For Freedom, Today, Outside Canadian Consulate

Justin Trudeau Is Wonderful

Our Man In Ottawa: Who Is Benjamin Dichter?

Clarity: A Post-Mortem On The Planted Actors In The Freedom Convoy, Part 1

"Did Someone Tell You The Convoy Was Over?" Two Videos From Ottawa

Live Press Conference With Trudeau and Freeland Now

To Friends Behind A Frontier

The Catastrophe of Canada

I Didn't Finish The Big Story Today But

The Outstanding Work Of Jamie Dlux: He Calls This His Most Important Video About Jean Luc Brunel

On The Ground In Ottawa: Fake 'Leader' Dichter Splits, Teargas Used, Arrests Revealed as FAKE, For Theatrical Purposes, Many Continue To Hold The Line

Brook Jackson, United States Of America v Ventavia, Pfizer, Icon

"This Is Canada's Kristallnacht"

Battlefront Ottawa: Mass Arrests of Protesters In Ottawa, Snipers On Roofs, Heavy Tow Trucks With Logos Painted Over, Police Pushing Against Children

Jon Rappoport's Open Letter To Edward Dowd

Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager Edward Dowd Calls FRAUD,Predicts Bankruptcy For Moderna and Pfizer: "An All Cause Mortality Endpoint Should Have Stopped This Thing In Its Tracks, And It Didn't."

Two Teenage Boys Found Dead In Bed 3 and 4 Days After Second Pfizer Shots

Rethinking Posting Anything About Canada and Money, Given The Unprecedented Situation

Is This Matt Taibbi's Gold Medal Moment? Exceptionally Brilliant Essay, Addressing The Mortifying Truth About Trudeau And The Refusnik Lockdown-Loving Left

Russian Politician:"Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine...Whatever we hear about the Russian plans is something we hear from the US administration, and Western media"

Renz on Moderna CEO's Strange Conduct, Dumping Stock, Deleting Twitter Account: "The Bad Guys Are Going Down"

NWO MASKS OFF: Trudeau Drops Canada Into Military Dictatorship; Seizes Control Of Citizens' Bank Accounts and If Government Suspects Convoy Donations

Canada Police Are Joining The Protest Movement, And Other Fascinating Facts: CRITICAL Press Briefing With Central Intelligence/Minds Of Canada Freedom Convoy, Quiggen and Bulford

Urgent Call To Help Protect Our Canadian Siblings From Imminent Police Violence

Department Of Homeland Security Seeks To Thwart American Freedom Convoy

Day 1, Grand Jury Proceedings Against Covid Crime Syndicate: Reiner Fuellmich's Opening Statement

Is Trudeau Still In Control Of Canada? Clif High Said He Is "100 % Crapped Out"

Freedom Convoy Address To The Nation, Feb 6

TECH SUPPORT MATTER: How To Unsubscribe From Any Substack Acct You Are Subscribed To

GoFundMe Backs Down, Under Threat Of DeSantis Fraud Investigation

I Have No Idea How To Explain This Clip

In November 2021, He Resigned From Trudeau's Security Detail, Citing The Desecration Of The Canadian Constitution And The Fundamental Rights Of Canadians

Keeping Our House From Being Divided Even If We Disagree

The Other Side Of The Argument: We Can't Afford Suspiciousness, They're Trying To Kill Us, Malone Is A Hero

Diana West On Robert Malone, Bringing To Bear All Her Experiences With Defectors, Guiding Us Through The Mixed Messages

Standoff at Coutts, Media PSY OP Brewing

ELITE WOKE MEDIA IMPLOSION: Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN, Ostensibly Over Sexual Relationship With "Subordinate" Executive

Toronto Star and CBC Banned From Freedom Convoy Press Conference As PSY-OP To Call Truckers "Far-Right" Collapses, Fake Stories Revealed, Sabotage Caught On Camera

Justin Trudeau Might Be Insane

Bret Weinstein: "It's A Monster."

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis, Born in Jamaica, Comes Out To March In Support of Freedom Convoy

Who Owns Neil Young's Music?

Live Feeds From Ottawa: Is Canada RIGHT NOW in Active Peaceful Revolution Against Trudeau/NWO/Covid Tyranny?

From Ottawa To Paris: Protests Spread, Despite Frigid Temps, Trudeau In Secret Location,

KEEP ON TRUCKIN! "We Want To See Christ Glorified...So We're Pushing Forward, Come What May."

A Tearful THANK YOU To The Freedom Convoy In Canada

In Memory of Richard Wayne Battams, Arby, To Us

Arby, Please Hold On, Please Get In Touch

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Full Speech, Washington DC, Jan 23

Freedom Bridges: Canadian Trucker Convoy Makes Its Way To Ottawa Forming Blockade Against Trudeau's Covid Dictatorship

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Delivers Historic Address At DC March

Link To Live Feed: Stop The Mandates March on Washington D.C

VELVET REVOLUTION: World Rises Up Against Covid Repression, Liberty Regains Pulse

5G Launches In 36 Cities Tonight; Airline CEOs Issue Warning, Canceling Scores of Flights To the US, Over Grave Safety Concerns

Words From The Front: Spanish Police Declare Resistance To Covid Tyranny and Corruption-- State That They Are United With Police Forces Across Europe

Joe Rogan Hatred Becomes The New Insisted Upon Form Of Denunciation Among Covidians In Bad Moods After Project Veritas Ends Fauci's Protected Species Status

The New 'Presidential' Is Abject Incoherence Along With Verbal Aggression


Major Danish Newspaper Joins Covid Truth Battle, Apologizes To Readers For Spreading Covid Scare Falsehoods

The Project Veritas Document Was Real; The Research Overall Originated With D.R.A.S.T.I.C

Israeli Immunologist Blasts Ministry Of Health's Destructive Covid Policies Based On Lies, Arrogance, And Refusal To Admit Error

Could Our Liberation Be Close At Hand By Way Of THIS Document?

When Elon Musk Told Joe Rogan A Shark Victim Would Be A Labeled Covid Death If They PCR-'Tested' The Arm The Shark Did Not Eat

Living In America: De-Encrypting The Project Veritas Documents

Project Veritas Video Throttled On YouTube: US Marine Corp Whistleblower Unlocks Top Secret Documents Exposing, Once Again, Fauci's Funding Of 'Project Defuse'

ALERT: Project Veritas Fauci Document Drop, 8 PM EST Tonight (In 20 mins)

Horrifying Footage From Amsterdam, Police Set Attack Dogs On Lockdown Protesters

Clif High On How To Survive: Exit Mr. Global's Collapsing System, Invest In Knowledge, Skills, And Yourself

Diana West: "It's A Great Day For Defibrillators"

What They Said: Boris Pasternak

Murder Inc: Joe Rogan Interview With Drug Litigation Expert John Abramson Possibly More Shocking Even Than McCullough Or Malone

Congressman Troy Nehls Submits Entire Transcript Of Robert Malone Interview With Joe Rogan To The Congressional Record

A Pharmacist Speaks, Remembering Fauci's AZT Putsch In The 1980s "I Had To Dispense This Poison And Watch These Young Men Die"

The Passion Of Peter Duesberg

The Detailed Story Of Peter Duesberg's Ruination And Ascension soon Out On Kindle: "The Passion Of Peter Duesberg"

Screaming The Year Away, Russian Style


For Some Reason I Want You To Hear This Song Tonight