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Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

RIP John Pilger "Real Journalists Are Agents of People."

What They Said: Dr. Peter McCullough

American Journalism Has Lost A Giant: Rest In Peace Kristina Borjesson, Who Broke The Truth About TWA 800, And Was Exiled From CBS And The Profession Because Of it

The Horror Of American Talk Shows: Anthony Fauci And Jill Biden Promote Vaccines For Children as Crowd Cheers

When Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronted Rochelle Walensky About Her Role In Killing Tens of Thousands of Americans: "I'd Also Like To Talk To You About All The Pregnant Women..

Politicians Jumping Ship: Mary Talley Bowden's LIST Is Growing: 44 Candidates, 26 Elected Officials, 18 States, Pledging Allegiance To Covid Shots BANNED and No Pharma Donations In Their Future

Malaysia's Consumer Association And MDs Call For IMMEDIATE Withdrawal OF mRNA Shots Amidst Mass Sickness and Death: "The World Has Come To Know That This Vaccine Is Not Safe"

Advent Calendar, Dec 25: Goliath and Red Lady: A Love Story

Green Bell

The Song Played In Spanish Homes That Means: "It's Christmas!"

What Is The Opposite, Or Inversion, Of The Spirit Of Christmas? A Brief Consideration Of The Biden "Hunger Games" Christmas Choreography—Plus Dancing Nurses In Masks (In 2023?)

Advent Calendar, Dec 23: Handel Messiah By Sir Colin Davis & London Symphony Orchestra 1966

Advent Calendar Dec 22: A New Bull

"This Is A Military That Is Out Of Control…This Is Inhumanity That We Have Not Seen Since The Second World War— Former CIA, Phil Giraldi Tells Andrew Napolitano

Advent Calendar, Dec. 21: Christmas Market, St. Petersburg, Russia

"Dot-Connecting" Done Right: A Matrix Of Professional Power and Money As Hidden Cables Behind Popular Conservative Idols: The Daily Wire, Douglas Murray, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins And More

Tragic And 100% Predictable: "I Believe That If We Hadn't Pushed To Bring Ukraine Into NATO, That Ukraine Would Be Intact Today, That There Would be No War."

Australian Government Has Rescinded Order To Doctors Against Speaking Truth About Covid—Also, Fink, Burla, Musk Monarch Signaling, and How The New WEF Fetisch of "Compliance" Was Seeded In…

Advent Calendar, Dec 19 Lynn Margulis; "THAT's What We're Saying"

Is Anybody Here A Tarkovsky Fan Who May Know 2 Lines Of Dialogue?


Advent Calendar, December 18: Bach For Christmas

Cybersecurity Specialist: "There Is No Single Hack, Virus, or Attack That Can Systemically Bring Down Critical Infrastructure. It's De-Centralised."

Sergei Polunin and The Club: "The Things I Cannot Say"

Advent Calendar, Dec. 17 Sergei Polunin, Lost Prince

Advent Calendar Dec 16: Sibelius, Symphony 2, Barbirolli

Saturday Evening Film: Witness Of The Light

Is The Dollar (AS Global Oppressor) In Final Demise? Unless I've Misunderstood: Richard Nixon Opposed "Communism" But Conjured The Ultimate Black Octopus Of Un-Freedom For The Whole World In 1971

Advent Calendar, Dec. 14 --Bergman Unpublished: Colors

Advent Calendar, Dec 13: Santa Lucia

Definitions: 1. Tavistock

Whistleblower Nurse: Kaiser Permanente Had Computer Systems Manipulated/Programmed to Push Covid Agenda And Lies: Impossible To Log Sick Patients As "Vaccinated."

RT Interview With Former Mossad Agent Ari Ben Menashe (Of Iran Contra Fame) Surfaces, Confirming Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Worked For Israel To Control USA With Kompromat

Advent Calendar, Dec 12

CONGRATULATIONS, Peter and Ginger Breggin and Jane Ruby—Malone Lawsuit Dismissed


Behind Blue Eyes: The Paramedic Who Lived To Tell What He Saw On The Frontlines Of America's Covid Injection Carnage

Rome Public Prosecutor Investigates Former Italian Health Minister For HOMICIDE After Damning Covid Vaxx Emails Surface: "The Investigations Are For Murder, Serious Bodily Harm, And More...

Advent Calendar, Dec 10: An Incredible Quest For The Original Poem "Good King Wenceslas" Was Based On

Elizabeth Nickson Sends Old Media Snobs To Dustbin Of History, After They Take Shots At Substack

Where's The Little Street? A Classic Yiddish Folk Song In The Lamenting Tradition

Schubert For Help Forgetting The Past 3.8 Years

Advent Calendar, Dec. 9 Karelian Folk Music & Kantele


Advent Calendar, Dec. 8 Picasso, A Legendary Wild Horse

Gaza Poet, Writer, Refaat Alareer Killed In Targeted Strike With 6 Family Members; Had Angered Bari Weiss, Max Blumenthal Accuses Weiss Of "Inspiring" Death Threats And IDF Targeting

The Not So Soft Coup: Dr. Meryl Nass Is Traveling The World, Warning What About The WHO's "Pandemic Treaty" That Would Place All Of Humanity Under Public Health Fascism

The Sound Of God: "Everything Owes Its Existence Solely And Completely To Sound"

Advent Calendar Dec 7: "Sami Reindeer Herders" Canadian Documentary From 1970s

Advent Calendar, Dec. 7

Advent Calendar, December 6: "The Squirrels And Me." She Moved To Northern Sweden To Become A Wildlife Photographer

Reiner Fuellmich's Wife Inka Tearfully Reveals Harsh Conditions in Prison: No Warm Clothes, Nothing To Do, No Private Phone Time, No Freedom To Discuss His Case: "They Will Never Break Him."

How To Have Manners In The Apocalypse, And Why (Donkey Hody's School Of Courtesy)

To Friends Behind A Frontier

Media Coverage in NZ of Whistleblower Barry Young. They Claim Four Deaths Have Been "Possibly Linked To The Vaccine." MD Recites Sudden Death Cases—Including Children, And

Quick Update from New Zealand

Advent Calendar, Dec 4. Lord Of The Dance

Advent Calendar, Dec 3: "What Is Good And What Is Bad?"

Build Back Better and NWO Montages

New Sh*tshow: NZ Whistleblower Raided and Arrested, Liz Gunn In Flight For Her Safety, NZ Grassroots Group VFF Say This Whistleblower Came To Them Two Years Ago, They Tried To Work With Him

House Rules: If You Did Not Watch It, Please Hold Your Shame-Darts

Advent Calendar December 2 "Reindeer Under The Northern Lights," By Adrien Mauduit

Saturday Night Film: The Fall Of Minneapolis

Maryam Henein's Astonishing Reporting On The Derek Chauvin Stabbing

Advent Calendar, December 1

Did Tiffany Dover Die That Day? If You Think So, You're The Problem, According To The New Journalism Of Foregone Conclusions

New Zealand Database Administrator Who Designed System For "Providers" To Get Paid Per Shot Given, Crosses Ranks And Joins Opposition: Tearfully Confesses To Liz Gunn STAGGERINGLY High Death Counts

BREAK IN SETH RICH COVERUP: Texas Judge Gives FBI A FINAL 14 Days To Turn Over All Documentation Around Seth Rich's Work and Personal Laptop, DVD and Tape Drives—FBI Wanted To Stall For 66 Years

Saturday Night Film: "Creatures Of Light"

Documentary Film "Shot Dead" Is Very Hard To Watch: Parents Who Lost Their Children, Killed By Covid Shots, Tell Their Stories

For The Great Relief Of Having You To Talk To

Stunning Documentary Series About Assassinations Of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK "FOUR DIED TRYING" By John Kirby And Libby Handros Debuts

Saturday Night Film: "Under The Shadow Of Hermes:" Everything You Never Knew About the US, The Civil War, The "Russian Revolution," and The True Conspiracy Nobody Mentions In Polite Society

Saturday Night Film: A Good American

Folk Dances From Around The World—A New Series

Major UK Newspaper Openly Reports BBC Radio Presenter Killed By Covid Injections: "Lisa Shaw Died On May 21 From Complications Arising From The Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccination."

Israel's Staunchest Supporters Balk: Macron Calls On Israel To "Stop Killing Gaza's Women and Children," Anthony Blinken Says Far Too Many Palestinians Have Been Killed."

Update On Reiner Fuellmich Via Elsa

War in Ukraine: "The Endgame's Happened. The Military Side Of It Is Over."

Media Reports That 8 Year Old Girl Thought Dead May Be Alive: Grieving Father Interviewed

Antony C. Sutton On Internationalist Bankers & "Bolshevik Revolution." Canadian Archives: Trotsky's Gold & The Monster Embryo Of Global Corporate Socialism

Punishing "Anti-Vaxx" Family By Withholding Contact With New Baby: A Widespread Phenomenon Of Inhumane Conduct

Why I Took Down The Finkelstein/Mate Link

Michael Davis

"The Place Was Beautiful."

MK Ultra Word Messages In Las Vegas Dome, U2 Concert, Major Yikes

"We Make Violence Enjoyable In Our Culture."

Spell-Breaking and Returning Fire: The End Of Mass Media In One Interview

Thoughtcrime Arrests In Israel: "People Have Been Arrested For Saying Their Heart Was With The Children of Gaza"

Saturday Evening Film: The Birth Of Israel—A BBC Documentary With A Reputation Of Fairness

TIME Magazine Leads Way In Puncture Of Zelensky Myth: "Tens of thousands have been killed. Global support for the war is shrinking."

Breaking: Tucker Carlson Went To See Julian Assange At Belmarsh Prison

Comedy Break: Actor Not Sure If He's Supposed To Support Israel or Palestine

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Daughter Stops Amy Schumer From Using Her Father's Name To Support Israel's Conduct Right Now: "I Am Certain He Would Call For Israel's Bombing Of Palestinians To Cease."

Tedros' Trance: Breaking Down Ritual Language At WHO

Israel's Bombardment Of Jabalia Refugee Camp Stuns World, UN High Commissioner Resigns, Calls For Ceasefire Spread Across Political Camps, Wolf Blitzer Appears Shocked In Interview With IDF Col

Glass It—The New "Get Your Damn Shot."


Mark Crispin Miller: Netanyahu's Two Genocides Are Consistent With Globalism's Utter Ruthlessness

How Do We Make "Sense" of This Photo? Is It A Glitch In The Op? Are They Understaffed? Messing With Us?

United Nations Security Council

The Case For "Inside Job" Picks Up: Did Israel Confiscate Guns At The Border Sept 1?

BREAKTHROUGH: British MP Andrew Bridgen, After 20 Tries, Lands Parliamentary "Debate" On Excess Deaths Following MRNA Blitzkrieg: Speaks To Near Empty House, While People Cheer From Public Gallery

Andrew Napolitano's Daily Interviews With Roster Of Experts—An Oasis Of Sanity, Perspective and History: How Catastrophic Can One President Be?

We're Surrounded By Architecture That Was Clearly Built By A Superior Civilization, Who Had Mastered Free Energy

Hundreds Reported Killed Following Strike On Gaza Hospital: Channel 4 UK Reports It As a "Devastating Israeli Strike;" Israel Says Palestinian Militants Misfired A Missile And Hit Hospital—WHO DID IT?

Psalm 91 Sung By Four Siblings Devoted To Gregorian chant

What Is The Difference Between Anger And Wrath?


BREAKING: Reiner Fuellmich Taken From German Embassy In Mexico On Passport Errand, Flown To Frankfurt and Arrested

Palestine And The British Empire—Seeds Of Pain and Betrayal

"No Such Thing As Innocent Civilians?" "Widespread Destruction As A Means Of Deterrence" A 2006 War Strategy Called "The Dahiya Doctrine"

Kirk: Israel Was On The Brink Of a Civil War In Recent Weeks, Netanyahu Was Going To Radically Revise The Constitution, There Were Mass Protests

Patriarchs and Heads Of The Churches In Jerusalem and MSF, Call Upon Israel and International Community To Allow Humanitarian Aid and Supplies In Gaza

CNN Retracts Hamas Beheading Babies Claim and Apologizes. Sara Sidner Says It Came From The Israeli PM's Office And Was Originally "Confirmed," But Later Disintegrated Into "Cannot Confirm"

The Characteristics Of Witchcraft

Israel Warns UN To Evacuate Northern Gaza Strip Within Next 24 Hours, And Move 1 Million People. If It Can't Happen, Will They Perish?

"WW3 Is A War On Your Consciousness. If A Part Of You Is Calling For Bloodshed, You Are Imprisoned."

Nobody Can Support This Once They See It. "Pure Panic Everywhere You Look," "Gaza Is Under A Complete Seige. No Water, No Food, No Electricity, and No Escape."

The De-Voicing Of Journalism Has Reduced It To A Wasteland Of Propaganda: Svetlana Alexaevich Bears No Responsibility For Its Downfall

How (Exactly) The Censorship Industry Controlled 66 Narratives As Of 2020: "Today I'm Going To Break Down One Of The Biggest Government Scandals In The History Of The 21st Century--" Mike Benz

Collateral Murder 10 Years On: Short Documentary

Israeli Peace Activist Shai Danon Tells Icke "The Border Was Crossed at 16 points by Trucks, Tractors, 10 Settlements Ambushed—Israelis Feel "Stench Of Betrayal" Calls It "Part Of Population Control"

War By Media: "Journalists Are War Criminals," Julian Assange

Shattering Analysis Of All Cause Death in 17 Southern Hemisphere Countries Reveals Dramatic Rise In Deaths With Each Vaccine/Booster Push—NO Excess Deaths Before "Vaccine Rollout."

Mark Crispin Miller: Remember As This New Israel/Gaza OP Descends To Focus On Eye and Ear Witnesses As Much As Possible

Dying Cabal's Final Play? Sneak Attack On World's Most Advanced Military Surveillance Power, Horrific Images From Israel: Netanyahu: "We Will Turn Gaza Into A Deserted Island"

Triumph! We Blazed Way Past Our Fundraising Goal For Kennedy24

Vintage Songcraft

Saturday Night Film-- "Attacking The Devil: Harold Evans And The Last Nazi War Crime"

ONE MORE DAY: If You Have Been Wanting To Donate To Kennedy24 But Have Not Yet Done So, Consider Making Your Donation Here Via My Grassrooots Fundraising Link

When The Romanovs Were Exhumed

Saturday Night Film

THEY KNEW--FOIA Emails Sent To Daily Clout Team Reveal WH/CDC/NIH KNEW Covid Shots Were Causing Deadly Blood Clots And Myocarditis In MAY 2021—Senior WH Team Colluded To LIE To The American People

The Laugh Reflex And The Fame Spell: How Sexual Abuse Hides In Plain Sight, Even On Live Television

Ottawa: Massive Protests Against Trudeau's Trans Agenda With Canadian Muslims At Forefront: "Leave Our Kids Alone!"

Ole Dammegård on Maui "Wild" Fires And How To Recognize The Deep Patterns Of Agenda Events; What Was "Operation Blue Roof" In Florida?

Saturday Night Movie: My Perestroika

AP: "Derna Residents Said They Heard Loud Explosions And Realized That Dams Outside The City Had Collapsed."

For Anybody Who Could Not Access George Trow Piece # 1 Re-Published, Today, But Wanted To, Try This Link

An American Writer Who Broke The Dark Code In 1980, Of What Ails Americans, And How It Happened

The Truth Barrier Will Be On A Temporary Hiatus

Make America Gold Again

Owen Shroyer Sentenced To PRISON For Two Months For His On-Air Observations About The Last Presidential Election. For Not Being "Remorseful." Did Not Enter Any DC Building—The Charge is THOUGHTCRIME

Reader Comment: Alice Hoagland Had 4 Sons All Named Mark. Who Was Alice Hoagland, And Are We Allowed To Ask?

Readers Exchange Perspectives: What Is 'Revelation Of The Method' And What Can Non-Occult Ordinary People Counter It With?

Sept 11 Reader Comments: "I Hate 9-11"

I Went Back And Listened To The First Sept 11 Newscasts and It Sounded Unnatural And Odd

Djokovic Wins Fourth US Open Sept 10: An Invitation To Open, Unrepentant Schadenfreude

New York

Did A WH Staffer Cut Joe Biden Off Mid Sentence And Shut Down A Press Conference On His Trip To Vietnam?

Jennifer Margulis Reports: Hard Won Autopsy, Near Impossible To Achieve in US, Confirms Two Month Old Baby Died From Over-Vaccination

What They Said: Rod Serling

Saturday Night Movie: Patterns, 1956

Massive 7.0 Earthquake Strikes Near Marrakesh, Morocco: Al Jazeera Reports 296 Dead, Hundreds Injured and Thousands Trapped Under Rubble

Prevent Premature Death In Yourself, Your Community and Family: Instructions Below

Obama Has Lost Protected Status, Following Tucker Sinclair Interview: Man Who Claims He Was Class of 83 At Columbia And Obama Was Not There Gains Traction On Twitter

Big Media Takes Aim At Jimmy Fallon, Cites Staff Being Traumatized, Put On Anti-Anxiety Medication, Getting Sick, And Even Wanting To Commit Suicide

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Goes Off Dem/NWO Script, Declares Imminent Migrant Catastrophe: "This Issue Will DESTROY New York City."

Thistle Seeds Floating In The Wind

Havel's "The Power Of The Powerless"

Chekhov's Rifle: Going Granular, Exiting The Matrix, Quitting Fear Based Writing, And Keeping The World At Bay

A Calm Your Nervous System Exercise That Actually Works

Black Fencing: News Blackout In West Maui

Clip Circulates Of Joe Biden Saying New Vaccine Coming, That "Works" Which They Will Recommend "Everybody" Get

Mark Crispin Miller's Choice Of ONE Interview, About The Trump Indictment

How I Stopped Worrying About Tyranny And Started Laughing At Tweets About The "Mugshot"; Black Humor Saves America From Democrat Despots

Depopulation Virtue Signaling: How To Kill Billions Without Being Ill-Mannered

Wildly Varied Views On Both Nabokov As Writer and Lolita As Either PSY OP Or Indictment

The Nabokov Question

WHAT THEY SAID: Nabokov on Freud; "I Think He's Crude. I think He's Medieval..And I Don't Want An Elderly Gentleman From Vienna With An Umbrella Inflicting His Dreams Upon Me."

American Happiness

Karen Kingston Safe! "I can state with the utmost confidence that I am currently safe from harm because of the power of your prayers and God’s good grace."

Joe Biden Is A True Racist: Here's The Evidence

Incredible Stuff From 1972

The Missing Children and The Missing Sources

Teach Me To Dance

Forensic Clarity: Diana West Analyses Of What Karen Kingston Said, And How The Story Jumped The Tracks

Karen Kingston Did NOT Accuse Dr. Malone of Putting Out A Hit On Her—Please Everybody Listen and Read Carefully; She Said the CIA was After Her, and Begged Malone To Use His Influence

Karen Kingston Reported As Missing Person In Quintana Roo, Mexico

LINKS to Testimonies and Perspectives from Hawaii, Following Unnatural Turbo Fires That Decimated Lahaina, setting the stage for it to Become a pilot Smart City, AS PLANNED

Toxic Shame And Procrastination

Pathologist Found Parasites In Central Nervous System Of 100% Of People Who Had Died From Multiple Sclerosis

Sinead O'Connor, 1966-2023

THE CANADIAN TRUCKERS ACTUALLY WON? "It might just have been the most successful individual protest in human history."

Chase Bank Shuts Down Dr. Joseph Mercola's Business Bank Accounts, Including CEO, CFO, And Their Family Members

Pushkin (The Resilient Rooster) Needs A Forever Home

"Pre-Exposure" HIV Prophylaxis (PrEP) Is A Growing Cult In AIDS World: Activists Made Facebook Remove Ads About Class Action Lawsuits, It's Pushed On Heterosexuals And Children Are Next

When The Anti-Semitism Guns Fail, What Do You Have Left, Bully Media? Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You But How You Can Help Sink Your Country By Way Of Cheap Shot Accusations

A Piece I Wrote Yesterday, About The RFK. Jr. Antisemitism Gotcha Attack By Dishonorable Media—Posting It Now Only Because I Need It As A Sublink In A New Piece

Maybe Celebrities Fake Their Deaths But Jack Steven Was Real—That Was Not Bowie

Do Stars Fake Their Deaths? If So, Why? This Video Was Posted In Our Comments Section; I'd Never Heard of It. Had You?

"Fully Vaccinated" Covid 'Advisor' MD Passes Out In Bathroom, Wakes Up In Pool Of Blood With Fractured Neck, Blames Shower Steam and Urges People to "Get Vaccinated"

An Old Friend

The Economic And Social Roots Of Child Trafficking And Pandemic Pedophilia: And A Must Read 2017 Essay By Diana West

A Heroic Young Hacker Goes After Pedo-Traffickers Flooding Social Media, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and More: The Story of Ryan Montgomery & His Team

Why Doesn't Angel Studios Understand The Implications Of Pointing To Clinton/Podesta NGOs In The Fight Against Child Trafficking?

Seymour Hersh's Direct Knowledge Source On Turkey's U-Turn, And The NATO Expansionist Frenzy

Outgrowing Contrarian Rock Stars: By Way Of James Delingpole's 2022 Essay, "Put Not Your Trust In Jordan Peterson" I Finally See That For All The Good He May Have Done, He's Not Quite Sound

Nick Bryant's Crusade To Expose Child TRafficking and Pedophilia

Obscured "Science" Root Of American Pedophilia And Trafficking Plague: ALFRED KINSEY


NWO First Domino Falls: MARK RUTTE FORCED OUT In Netherlands Political Shocker: "It's Finished. Mark Rutte Has Resigned, Has Fallen"

Ghost Towns: The Mass Purchasing Of American Middle Class Houses By Financial Giants

What Is "Fractional Reserve Banking?"

Little Detail: We're Not Sovereign, We Never Left England, Monetarily

Robin Williams, 1982

Proof Through The Night That Our Flag Was Still There

"I'm Watching My Country Being Stolen From Me."

Mickey Z: "Go See Sound Of Freedom"

Remembering JUDITH REISMAN on Her 1st Death Anniversary: She Courageously Exposed the Fraud-Pervert Alfred Kinsey & Fought the Sex Industrial Complex for Decades

Crocodile Gena's Birthday Song

Arson, Riots, Looting Engulfs Parts Of France As Outrage Rises Over Police Shooting Of 17 Year Old Who Drove Away From Police In Bus Lane

Kennedy Clarity Platform Meets Woke Smoke: The New Attack On RFK Jr. Accuses Him Of "Ableism" and "Bigotry" Against The Autistic; Claims Autism Is NOT An Impairment But A Mere "Language Difference."

Danish Medical Agency and Serum Institute Tracked EU Pfizer Shots According To SEAs And Found That Some Were Highly Damaging, Some Likely Placebo—Promises Further Investigation


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Knocks It Out Of The Park In Town Hall: Power Of The Spoken Word, Return Of American Intelligence

Korean Study Crushes Myth That Covid Shots Don't Cause Death By Myocarditis: Autopsies Prove It

TOMORROW: Zoom Call With Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Tomorrow/Campaign Fundraiser

Join Together With The Band: Tomorrow, June 27, 7PM EDT: RFK Jr. Hosts Online Roundtable With Leading Bio-Freedom Fighters

A Mother and Daughter

A Very Exacting Analysis Of A Weakness In Malone's Libel Suit

Blackrock Recruiter On Hidden O'Keefe Media Recording: War Is A Goldrush, Politicans Have Pricetags, Who "Runs The World" And How

A Shocking Video Revealing Dr. Peter Hotez' Staggering Propaganda/Lies Throughout Covid

What Happened To The 4,526 Babies and Toddlers, Aged 6 Months to 4 Years, In Pfizer mRNA Phase 3 Trials? Karen Kingston Report

Why Doesn't RFK Jr. Wear A Seatbelt?

Taxonomy: A Clarification Following A Comment By Mark Crispin Miller, Which Mischaracterized Me As Blighting Some Of Our Best Warriors

Blowback: Hotez Attacks RFK Jr./Rogan, Refuses Over $1.5 Million to Debate RFK. Jr.

Mark Crispin Miller's Lawsuit Against NYU/Covid Empire Has One Last Round—All Of Us Are Needed To Support His Quest For Justice And The Survival Of Academic Freedom Of Speech

Thunder and Fury In DC--FBI Under Fire: Where Are The Recordings? How Many Years Did FBI Hide The FD-1023, Concealing Bidens $10 Million Bribery Scheme w. Ukrainian Businessmen?

Alex Soros Promises To "Eradicate" All Opinions On The Internet That Do Not Mirror His Own, And Says He Is "100 Times Worse" Than His Father, George Soros

Tucker Carlson Broadcast Calling Out Neo-Con War Lies Shatters Records, 41 Million Views and Climbing

SURREAL BLACKOUT: Trump Arraigned and Fingerprinted in Miami, Rachel Maddow Explains Why MSMBC Which Is "...Here To Bring You The News" Did Not Broadcast Trump's Remarks, Tapper Says Same Thing

BREAKING: Ukrainian Oil Exec Who Bribed Biden Recorded 17 Audio Clips; Chuck Grassley Calls For Transparency So All US Citizens May Hear Them, Says FBI Is "Playing Games" With Congress

Judicial Watch: Clinton's Sock Drawer Case Exonerates Trump-- A Must Listen Jesse Waters Clip

Listening To A Real Rancher: 82 Year Old Rancher Maggie White Has Not Eaten Carbs in 65 Years: She Explains The Realities Of Life On A Multi-Generational Ranch In Canada, Among Indigenous Tribes

Monstro The Goldfish: A Story Of Transformation

Trans Man Blasts Trans Inc: Says It Was Declared A "Criminal Enterprise" in 2001 After Lawsuits, Lupron Fined $874 Million For False Advertising And Bribery

How Baby Otters Learn To Swim

Catastrophe Fatigue: "Climate Change" Now Causes 400 Forest Fires To Erupt At Once in Quebec, And Send A "Toxic Blanket" Over NYC

One Of Favorite Tweets Of 2023

The Best Mainstream Magazine Article Possibly Yet Written About Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Make This Video Go Viral: Remember Who Said What, When, And How—Major Vaccine Propagandists Who Lied To You And Threatened You Bundled In One Video

Must The Church Always Adapt To Progressive Demands? Rev Calvin Robinson, Banned From Church of England Priesthood, Blasts Trans Agenda In Church as "Idolatry." Worship Of Self

WH ESCALATES WW3: Biden Pledges F16 Fighter Jets To Ukraine; Ukraine: "We Must Destroy Russia From The Skies." Russia: "Colossal Risk."

Triumph Of Free Speech: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Found NOT GUILTY In Plön Court Of Inciting Hatred Of Jews and Israel, By Rebuking Israel's Tyrannical Covid Gestalt

Bakhmut/Artyomovsk Falls To Russia—Media Blackout on CNN, MSNBC; Zelensky, From Outside Ukraine, Flatly Denies Russian Victory: "Bakhmut Is Not Occupied By The Russian Federation As Of Today."

A Fascinating Show From 10 Years Ago With Dr. Rashid Buttar, Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff, Breaking Down HIV Lunacy

Dr. Rashid Buttar Dies Of An Apparent Heart Attack, Leaving The Medical Freedom Community In Shock, But Undeterred

British Author Martin Amis Dead At 73: Rebuked Stalin To Dismay Of Anglican Literary Set

Joe Biden Takes Girl and Boy By The Hands, Into WH, Wordlessly

The Spirit Of Maoism: Every Millimeter Of The Human Soul Monitored And Accused, Even In Sleep

Former JP Morgan Exec Jes Staley, With Close Ties To Epstein, Was Central To The World Of AIDS Charities, Big Money And His Brother's Fame As An ACT UP Pioneer

The Charming Story Of Radio Nord—A Pirate Radio Station Broadcast From A Ship In The Baltic Sea 1961-1962 To Swedes Who Were Starved For Commercial Radio


Papers Falling From The Sky?

What Causes Trauma?

What Are The White Vans Of Tyler Texas For?

Peterson: Characteristics Of Online Trolls: Hiding Behind Fake Names, Spewing Derisive, Derogatory Things That Would Get Them Punched If They Had The Courage To Say It To People's Faces

A Challenge: Whoever Is Claiming I Have Ever Taken Money From Industry (Controlled Opposition) Or Partaken in a "PSY OP" To Stop Full Truth About Virology—POST SAID PROOF HERE

Diana West's Critique Of "Mr. Jones" As Limited Hangout And Reflections On How The Pharmaceutical Cabal Co-Opted The Radical Left To Demand Vaccines And Toxic Drugs

First "Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History Of AIDS" Book Signing & Event—THIS Saturday, Bridgewater, NJ, 3 PM, Courtesy of CHD New Jersey

SPELLERS: A Film That Reveals A Newly Discovered Miracle Bridge Between Non Verbal Autistic Children and Adults, Their Parents, and The World

Paul Stanley Of KISS Opposes Trans Inc; Pleads With Parents Who Think DRESS UP Means Time For Sex Change & Brave Girl Stands Up For Her Biological Existence: "I Am A Child Human Female. A Girl."

WSJ: Epstein Met With CIA Director 3 Times, Obama WH Counsel "Dozens" Of Times, Bard College Dean Botstein 2 Dozen Times & Noam Chomsky Several Times: Chomsky Bristles: "None Of Your Business."

FOLLOWING THE TRANS INC. MONEY "We're Talking About A Market In Excess of $200 Billion. That's Larger Than The Entire Film Industry."

Meet King Joe: The Luckiest Laborer In The World

The Real Tucker Carlson

DNC Aborts Primary Debates, But Elections Are Still Officially Not AT ALL Rigged, And You Can See Photos of Mick Jagger On Stage If You Need Any Reassurance That Joe Biden Is A Young, Fit Rock Star

We Never Heard About The 18 Year Old Boy Who Died In A 2016 'Linchpin' Sex Change Study: They Took Part Of His Bowel To Create A "Neo-Vagina."

To Friends Behind A Frontier

Gareth Jones Must Become A Household Name

Who Was Dr. Money? Interview With Dr. Miriam Grossman On The Doctor Who Laid The Foundation For The Transgender Industrial Complex

The Living

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox News—Suddenly, With No Replacement Host For Tonight's Show

Elemental Frequency Knowledge

Update: I'm Healed From Mystery Illness

An Open Letter To Robert F. Kennedy Jr. From A Reader

The Epoch Times' RFK Jr. In Boston Event—Full Reel, No Audio Problems

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Heal The Nation's Divide "By Telling The Truth To The American People."

Addressing What I THINK I Am Accused of Misrepresenting

Green Tyranny, by Rupert Darwall

Sometimes It's A Good Idea To Just Say "I'm Sorry."

Pélerine: People Are Overdosing On Red Pills And Flaunting Their I'm-Not-Buying-It-ism

When RFK Jr. Details Finding 20 Plus CIA Led Simulations Like Event 201 In Hillsdale Talk and COUNTLESS Interviews...

Lost History: When The Kennedy Family Traveled To Poland in 1965, The Government Banned Them. Word Got Out. When They Emerged From Mass, in Krakau, A Quarter Million Poles Were Waiting For Them

Come To Boston Park Plaza If You Can April 19 10:30 AM, And Let's Elect A Candidate Who Opposes Poisoning Americans, Our Children, Our Rivers, and Our Natural World

Thank You Heather Heying And Bret Weinstein

I'm Taking A Short Break

TRUMP INDICTMENT: America Long Since Infiltrated, Undermined, Attacked and Gaslit, Now Thrown In Back Of Car Trunk Blindfolded. "The Bill of Rights is GONE." Glenn Beck

Nashville Shooting Becomes Gateway To "Militant Trans Movement," Claiming "Backlash" As Hidden Hand Seeks To Foment Revolutionary Violence Toward Transhumanist Takeover

What Is CIRS? A Partial Diagnosis After a Lifetime Of Struggle, A Possible Breakthrough, And A Full Disclosure

Our Profound Disrespect Of The Importance of Water For Health—Not Quantity, Quality

Come Hear Dave Rasnick and I On Caravan To Midnight Tonight at 10 pm EDT

Something Is VERY Wrong With The East Palestine Narrative—By Eric Coppolino

A Love Story

Going Live With Jamie DLux on YouTube Now

A Blast From The Past: When Perth Group Engaged An HIV Researcher About Montagnier's Most Startling Interview: "I Repeat, We Did Not Purify."

War And The Money Masters: The Dirty Little Secret

Legacy Media Now Calls US Destruction of Iraq " of the greatest blunders in American military history," blames it for rise of Trump, and asks if US has "learned the lessons."

My Book's Birthday! March 23, 2023

Pharma PhD Nurse Saw "Covid" Patients Killed, Has Colleagues Admitting It On Secret Recordings: Hospital Refused Religious Exemption To "Hasten Death" So She Hired A Lawyer, And Went Public

I Will Be On Caravan To Midnight With John B. Wells Tonight Live At 10:30 PM EDT

A Truly Must Read Substack Piece: Mark Crispin Miller On The NYT October Surprise Mea Culpa

An Apology

Am I Bigoted Against Atheists Or Socialists?

Good News: We Rank In The Top 50 (#49) On Substack in The Category of "All" in "Culture."

Doubling Down & Ancestral Witnessing: Ooana Trien, A Rare Jewish Voice, Unequivocal About Communism

Mark Crispin Miller Sent Me An Email Translating For Me Why "Communism" Does Not Land On Many American Ears As A Measure Of Evil But Rather, An Old Weapon Word

What Did I Mean By "Virus Communism?"

Nobody Wants To Deal With The Occult Aspects Of Our Whole Mess: Is "Fiat Currency" Babylonian Black Magic?

When A Top Bolshevik Revealed All To A True Believer: The Deep Truth About Marxism, The Religion Of Revolution, And Why "Wall St." Paid For It

Housekeeping Task Favor Asking Of Readers: Please Check Your Account: Slight Aberrations In Substack Subscriber Software

Virus Communism

World Without End

South Park Bank

An Unnecessary Expression

Sasha Latypova Lays Bare The Unprecedented and Bizarre Details Of How The Government and Military Commandeered Production Of Covid Vaccines In Jaw Dropping Interview With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Learn The Basics Of Home Remedies: A Barbara O'Neill Classic Video

Japanese Lawmaker: Deaths In Japan Have Sky-Rocketed To Numbers Not Seen Since WW2

#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka Banned From Hair Salon Where He Always Gets His Hair Cut, in Omaha, Nebraska. He Is Sending Us All A Warning That Social Credit Scoring Is HERE in the US, NOW

Flynn Urges Reading Executive Order 14067: Elements Of Corporations and US Government Beta Testing Central Bank Digital Currency

Bank Stocks Plunge/Bank Run: People Lining Up To Remove Their Money, First Republic Bank, Wells Fargo, And More: SVB Execs Sold Their Stock Recently, On Twitter, Left-Bots Seek To Blame Peter Thiel

A Cat's Reaction Time

Missing Virus Part 2: When Christine Massey Made FOIA Requests To At Least 211 Institutions To Ask If There Exists An Unadulterated Sample of SARS Cov 2 from a Diseased Patient

"The Banking Collapse Has Begun" By Greg Reese

It Has Blown Sky High: Redfield Testimony Sets Off Massive Wave Against Fauci, WHO, And All The Players Who Pushed "Natural Pathogen" Lie, Senators Calling For Criminal Prosecutions

It's Not Funny

Ed Dowd: "Remain Calm…The World Is Not Ending. Just Changing."

The Ukraine Off Ramp? German/Western Support For Ukraine Implodes With Help Of Fake Story About Nordstream Sprung By NYT/WaPo

Tucker Carlson Shelled BY Media In Moral Panic For Showing Footage of Jan 6 and First Hand Witness Accounts; Stands Strong, Promises Americans Major Revelations. Will He Have To Leave FOX To Show It?

EXTREME Lies About Jan 6 Exposed After Tucker Carlson Tonight Reviews And Exposes Footage Media/Democrats Tried To Conceal

After Dude Comedy, A New Era: The Bombay Born Mother of Three, In America, Making Us See Ourselves With Laughter: Zarna Garg

Against Forgetting: Pandemic Parallax View: The Historical Archive Of The Last Three Years and Beyond

Vera Sharav's Never Again In Now Global

My Most Important Realization About What Made Fauci's Reign Of Terror Possible: A New Language That Eclipsed The Scientific Tradition

What If We Told You The Famous ACT UP Activist Who Got AZT "FDA Approved" In Weeks & Is THIS Close To Fauci, Has A Brother Who Exchanged Over 1000 Emails With Jeffrey Epstein?

This Post Is About: Toby Rogers, The Power of Music To Release Trapped Grief, An Ode To Anders Tegnell And A Song About A Little Boy


Will I Be A Good Worm Mother?

What To Expect When We "Die:" An Interview With A Man Who Has Interviewed Over 1000 People Who Have Been "Dead" For Way More Than A Few Minutes

Focus One More Time On What The "Hunter Biden Laptop" Story In NY Post and Its Aftermath Entailed

I Deleted A Post About My Book's History; Sorry For Those Who Had Commented. I WILL Bring It Back.

Preview of My Book, Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History Of AIDS: Mark Crispin Miller's Foreword

Woody Harrelson Breaks The Sound Barrier On SNL

East Palestine De-Coded, De-Mystified: A Very Detailed Analysis

Why Do Demons Hate Gregorian Chants And Flee When They Are Sung Or Played? An Exorcist Explains

Erin Brockovich Tells Fox: "I've Never Seen Anything Like This."

Residents Of East Palestine Gathered For A Meeting. "We're At War. We Need Help Now, Not When These Lawsuits Come…We May Not Be Here."

Make It Yourself—A New Truth Barrier Series: Home Made Tooth Paste

Unsettling Events: Five People From CTEH Die In Plane Crash, En Route To Ohio To Investigate Bedford Explosion AND Man Found Murdered At Crash Site

East Palestine Disaster Descends Into Finger Pointing: Brake Rules Were Changed in 2018, But Would Not Have Affected This Crash

Trump Performs Elemental Presidential Duties Biden Refuses To: Visits East Palestine, Ohio, Offers Supplies and Hope

SILENT SPRING: Eric Coppolino and Carol van Strum Emerge as Dioxin Historians: Now we understand how bad the derailment and explosion in East Palestine Was

The Kids Are Alright

Asbury University Student Prayer REVIVAL Enters 11th Day Of Continuous Worship and Song, Drawing Christians From Around The World-- Brazil, Singapore, NZ, And Virtually Every US State

Make It Yourself: A New Truth Barrier Series

Predictive Programming And The Ohio Chemical Disaster: The Revelation Of The Method: A New Report By Greg Reese

The Sinking Of The Titanic, The Jesuits, and The Federal Reserve: Historians Speak Out

Photo Shows Dead Birds In Lexington Kentucky, 350 Miles From East Palestine, OH

ABANDONMENT: Biden, Buttigieg MUM ON Ohio Disaster and FEMA Allegedly TURNS DOWN Support For Poisoned Region, Norfolk Southern Refuses To Attend Town Hall Meeting, Citing Fear Of Violence From Locals

What They Said: Nick Cave

Are We, As A Culture, Totally Unresponsive To The Threat Of Grave Chemical Spills, Because Of A Half Century of "Virus" Propaganda?

A Classic Love Song

Jack's Teddy Bear

How Things Are Done In New Jersey

This Is Too Much, And It Always Was

Outbreak Of Train Derailments: Ohio Reporting Catastrophic Effects On Air, Water, Soil, Fish, Frogs and Animals Dying, Amidst Near Total Media Blackout

Seymour Hersh Writes Unassailable Account Of US/Norway/NATO Demolition Of Nordstream Pipeline

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I Want To Know

The Rise Of Pop Culture's Woke Satanism, How Not To Take Their Bait, And The Joys of Being Old and Old Fashioned

Part 1 of Vera Sharav's Docu-Series "Never Again Is Now Global" Starts In 20 Mins: Parallels Between Nazis and NWO/Covid Tyranny From Survivors Of Holocaust

Webb Calls PV Pfizer Story "Hindenburg," But Video Contains Little or No Forensic Counter-Evidence

How Much Can We Take? What Comes After The Project Veritas Video With Pfizer Man?

Was Jordon Trishton Walker a Pfizer Executive?

Judge Rules Police Bodycam Footage In Paul Pelosi Incident Must Be Released

Project Veritas Bombshell Is Here; Strangest Video EVER: Pfizer Exec In Valley Girl Accent Says Their Business Model Is To "Mutate" "Covid" Themselves And Create "Vaccines" For Each "Strain"

In 1999 Recording Anthony Fauci Said If You Don't Test Vaccines Very Carefully You Can See "All Hell Break Loose" Years Later Even If They Seemed Safe At The Time

[Rogue Governments In] US, Germany, and Norway Send Tanks To Ukraine: "Just Understand, And Don't Kid Yourself…That's Called World War Three," Our Insane President Said Once About This Moment

Never Again Is Now Global: Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav's 5 Part Documentary Shatters The Pretense That Covid Shares No Ideology With Nazi-ism; Children and Grandchildren of Survivors Speak Out

Where Is Our Consolation?

A Blast From The Past: Former NIH Director And His Wife Sing Puff The Magic Dragon

In The Upside Down, The FAA Has Relaxed The Standard For Ensuring Pilots Hearts Don't Stop In Flight

Dance and The Diabolic: Hashtag Pfizer on Twitter Attacks Vaccine Injured With Blizzard Of Posts Mocking By Dance

All Hell Breaks Loose: Elon Musk Tweets He Felt He Was Dying After Booster, Young Cousin Hospitalized With Myocarditis; Scott Adams Says Anti-Vaxxers Were Right, Protests Outside BBC, Fox News VP Dies

Dan Bongino: Biden Document Crisis Is A Distraction. They Don't Want Us To Ask "What's IN The Documents?"

"I Want America To Wake Up And Pay Attention. Something Aint Right... Don't You Dare Call Me A Conspiracy Theorist." Silk's Eulogy Seems To Suggest Diamond HAD Taken Covid Injection.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla "Interviewed" at Davos: Insists There is No Signal, No Safety Issue With Covid Vaccines, Anywhere In The World.

Trauma By Favoritism: One Aspect Of "Media" Simulation Trauma Is To Stage Situations Strictly To Drive Home Who "Matters" And Who Does Not

Al Gore Morphs Into Greta Thunberg

CNN Flips The Script: "Despite His Denials…" Joe Biden "Did Interact With Some Of His Son's Associates While Serving As Vice President."

Remember The BBC Headline About Greta Thunberg Being Detained Protesting The Expansion Of A Coal Mine in Germany?

Pod Watch: Adding Condescension And Control To Being Genocidally Wrong

New Zealand Reacts To Jacinda Ardern's Resignation

Bullfrog Doing A Backstroke

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Resigns Abruptly, Theory Of Davos' Doom Gains Momentum

Independent Media Confrontations With John Kerry and Albert Bourla in Davos

More Evidence To Support My Thesis That Davos Is A Fizzle

You Will Never Guess What Klaus Schwab Is Preaching At Davos

MP Andrew Bridgen, UK Folk Hero Under Attack, Tweets Out That Japan May Suspend Vaccines: Clip Shows Forensic MD Stating That Bodies Who Dies After Shots Had Way Higher Body Temperatures Than Normal

Bearing Witness: The Agony Of A Father

STOP NATO'S WORLD WAR: Resurrect The True Mission Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Covid Narrative Hits Iceberg: CDC & FDA Admit Stroke Risk Signal From Bivalent Covid Shots; Will Now INVESTIGATE, Meryl Nass: "Huge News"

The Surprise

I Have A Surprise For You

One Of The Best Memes Of 2022

Daily Mail UK Reports: Two MDs In Canada Have Euthanized 700 People Between Them, And Raved About How Satisfying It Was

The Rise Of Coincidence Theory And The Neo-Virtue Of Refusing To Look For Root Causes

His Own Lawyers (Allegedly) Turned This In: Classified Documents In One of Joe Biden's Former Offices

The Story Of A Dog Named Sarah Who Wanted To Be Invisible

The Rise Of Ed Dowd And The Power Of Clarity To Overcome Evil

To Cheer Ourselves Up (It's Jan 7)

Jan. 6 Represents The Triumph Of Crude Lies, Theater Of The Absurd, and America Becoming a Police State That Tortures Political Prisoners

Optimists: There Is Now A Big Hole In The Wall Of Lies, And The Op To Normalize American Hearts Stopping

Damar Hamlin Opens Eyes, Squeezes Hands Of Family Members, And Is Said To Be "Neurologically Intact."

If You Are Feeling Anxious

"Promising Readings" On Damar Hamlin

America Awakens: Rasmussen Survey of 1,000 Americans Finds ALMOST HALF Surveyed Believe Covid Shots "Responsible For Unexplained Deaths."

As Nation Prays For Hamlin, Something Has Not Been Mentioned

Dr. Peter McCullough's Statement On Damar Hamlin's Heart Injury, Primary and Secondary Events—Not One Cause

Monday Night Football Shock: Damar Hamlin Of The Buffalo Bills Collapses On Field After Routine Tackle; After 9 Minutes Of CPR, Game Is Stopped

We'll Take a Cup Of Kindness Yet

Happy New Year!!!